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On the side of the cans recently tested by coca
\"Recyclable plastic\" is written in bold letters.
But plastic cans that have been tested
Listed in Columbus, Georgia.
Has attracted the attention of environmental protection and recycling experts.
Many people say that if large-scale recycling is not economically feasiblemarketed.
Instead, they say, most of the cans will eventually be landfill or burned, increasing the burden on state-spilled dumps and potentially causing toxic emissions.
The test of cans re-sparked a debate that began in the 1970s s when plastic water bottles were introduced.
Plastic bottles now contain about 25% of the volume in all packaged soft drinks consumed in the country.
Many environmental activists and recycling departments believe that the increase in plastic containers comes at the expense of materials that are easier to recycle --
Glass and aluminum
It should be dealt with through legislation.
In New Jersey, for example, a proposed bill states that a deposit may be required if the recycling of plastic beverage containers has not improved.
AD when the test is called-
Successful marketing of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola says it won\'t use plastic cans until it overcomes the main barrier to recycling plastic cans, including how to collect old ones.
Ron Coleman speaks for coca
The Coke Company in Atlanta said it had tested it.
Sold on canned goods made in Sweden, \"because we want to be able to offer an option for our consumers.
Consumers think this is attractive, he said.
Environmental activists say Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola\'s decision to postpone quality
Recognition of resistance.
\"I think they are a little surprised by the strength of the opposition,\" said Jonathan Puth, a deposit company . \"
Legal coordinator for environmental action, Washington lobby group.
The Kentucky Senate passed a bill that was later rejected by the House and would actually ban 12-
Ounces of plastic cans from the country.
In New York State, a coalition of environmental groups is trying to stop the launch of cans.
\"A lot of people think this is a potential threat to continue recycling,\" said organizer Ivan Braun . \".
Many environmental activists and recycling experts believe that the main obstacle to recycling plastic is the difficulty of collecting plastic.
Because the weight of the plastic is so small, it\'s only worth a few cents per pound, they say, it\'s impossible to accumulate enough money to pay back the shipping costs.
\"The Economics of collection is questionable,\" said Mary Hill, director of the New Jersey recycling office . \".
Although some materials, including glass and aluminum, were forcibly recycled in 180 towns in New Jersey, only two towns collected plastic, she said.
Another obstacle, some recycling experts say, is that it is difficult to separate different types of materials that are often used in the same container.
However, the plastics industry has set up a research institute at the University of Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, to look at how to improve recycling technology, which contradicts the belief that plastics cannot be easily reused.
Steve brabinchak, president of St, said: \"There is a terrible myth about recycling plastic . \"
Freakville, Jude polymer for Pa.
Have a contract with Coca-Cola
Recycle Coke from plastic cans from the test market.
\"Plastic can be recycled just like aluminum.
\"Unlike glass and aluminum, plastics cannot be legally recycled into new containers due to the danger of contamination.
But recycled plastics can be used for a variety of products, from car parts to fiber filling of jackets and quilts, according to plastic manufacturers. Mr.
Demand for recycled plastics far exceeds supply, says Babinchak.
According to the National Association of Recycling Industries (an association of scrap dealers), more than 50% of aluminum beverage containers were recycled in 1984.
The plastics industry says about 20% of plastic bottles are recycled during the year.
No comparable figures for glass.
Some experts, such as Jerry Powell, editor of recycling magazine, predict that if plastic cans are widely accepted, pressure from the legislature to request recyclable bottles and cans will increase.
\"It may tilt the balance so that the deposit legislation is passed,\" he said . \".
Plastic containers that are not recycled are generally dumped in landfill sites or burned.
While most solid waste experts say plastic may not cause special problems in landfill sites, some say they are concerned that various plastics may emit toxic chemicals when they burn.
Plastic may also encounter objections from retailers as its shelf life is not as long as metal cans.
\"We know there are still many problems that need to be studied and solved,\" he said . \"
Coleman of cocaCola.
A version of this article appeared on page C00010 of the national edition of August 7, 1986, titled: concerns about recycling of plastic bottles.
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