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How to customize a plastic product


How to customize a plastic product  
This is an article to help customers understand our custom process

  1.             Customers can find some of our plastic products which related with their products to make promotion or binding sales or as customers own products packing. 

         After confirming the products, we can make the plastic products in customer requested Panton Color, most of these products Panton color always match as 

                          customer selling products. Then we do customers brand LOGO printing or pattern with customer brand LOGO printing on our plastic products. 

Below is 2 printing methods to meet customer different colors and designs printing.

LOGO in simple colors and designs

                        we can use Silkscreen printing. Silkscreen printing can make 1-3 colors of LOGO on a flat surface. It is stable for concise style products. The simple 

                        can make consumers more impressed with the brand.

LOGO with pattern in colorful

                  we can use Heat Transfer Printing. Heat Transfer Printing can make colorful designs on flat or cylinder shape surfaces. This printing can be made as 

                   different consumer groups of customers selling products. For Example, customers selling products are related to children, printing can make animal 

                   cartoons printing or children lovely food patterns or TV roles to make children like the printing, it can strengthen the desire of children parents to buy 

                                      customers products. The heat transfer printing is of good adhesion quality and Eco-friendly material, customer can rest assured to use.

                    For plastic product colors and LOGO designs, we have a designer team to make professional suggestions or make designs as customer ideas thinking 

                    for customers. The designer will make product design drawings in customers' requested Panton color or design the Panton color as customer product 

                    color and put LOGO in the right position on our plastic products for customer final confirmation before making sampling.



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