kitchen tools

Our kitchen tools include dish holders, kitchen strainers, sieves, fruit trays, condiment boxes, ice molds,Kitchen Tools And Accessories, etc. All kinds of these kitchen tools give you inspiration to create attractive foods, and make it convenient to well organize your kitchen neatly.

Dish holders are basically with a plastic drainer rack, and a basin or a tray at the bottom, so after washing your dishes, you can put them in the dish rack to drain, and the basin or tray at the bottom can prevent the water to wet your kitchen. Some dish holders are also with a cover, which can protect the clean dishes from dust and flies.

Kitchen strainers are in similar structures with dish holders. They normally consist of a strainer and a tray, which you can use them to wash and drain the vegetables and fruits.

Small kitchen tools such as ice molds and popsicle molds have many different cute designs, animals, fruits, vegetables, which bring a lot of fun to your daily life.

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