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What Is Plastic Storage Boxes


The plastic storage boxes are simple and lightweight multi-functional storage box, which is used to store items in the home and sort them into small boxes. Plastic storage boxes wholesale can be placed upright or flat. According to your needs, you can design the shape of storage box. The plastic storage box is light and flexible. It can be designed into various shapes according to your needs, including square, round, diamond and so on. The storage box can be placed in a cabinet, in the trunk of the car, under the bed, or even folded up, which make the home tidy and not take up too much space at home.

For example, this is a plastic storage box. The material of this storage box is pp, which is a durable and environmentally friendly material, which can be safely used by children.

The biggest feature of this plastic storage box is that it can be disassembled and folded. This storage box is easy to install and remove. Its edges are round and smooth, so don’t worry about scratching your hands during installation or removal.

This plastic storage box can be stacked to save space when stored. It can be folded without taking up space when you don’t need to store things.  Therefore, buyers don’t have to worry about this storage box taking up too much space at home.

This plastic storage box can be used to store household items such as toys, books, clothes, etc. If the clothes, toys and other things in the house are in a mess, this storage box can make the house organized.

This plastic storage box has a lid, so the debris is not easy to get dust. There are buckles on both sides of the storage box, so there is no need to worry about things falling out when storing things.

The bottom of the storage box is thickened, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the bottom.

This plastic storage box has two sizes, one is 35*23*23.5cm, another is 47*34*24cm. This storage box is not only stylish but also durable. There are four colors to choose from, red, yellow, blue and purple.

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