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Plastic Containers With Multi Functions


Custom Plastic containers are containers that are exclusively or partly made of plastic. Plastic containers are everywhere, including disposable or reusable/durable plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam food containers, Tupperware, plastic tubes, flip tops, cosmetic containers, medium bulk containers, and various corrugated plastic containers. In addition to cardboard and other materials, the entire packaging industry largely depends on plastic containers or containers with a certain plastic content. Today, food storage mainly relies on plastic food storage containers.

Just like Hongxing Commodity Co., Ltd. custom plastic containers manufacturer have many plastic food storage containers. Hongxing’s plastic containers include fresh-keeping boxes, vacuum boxes and sealed boxes. These plastic containers have various appearances and functions. Let me introduce one or two products.

For example, this sealed can from Hongxing has six sizes to choose from. The sizes of this plastic container are 220ml, 350ml, 650ml, 730ml, 960ml and 1.8l. Consumers can choose the size according to their needs.

This sealed can is a kind of plastic container and it is made of pp material, so it is strong and durable. This plastic container can be used to hold snacks, whole grains or other foods. This sealed can has a lid so it has a very good airtightness, so there is no need to worry that the food inside will easily get wet or dusty. The lid of this sealed can is not only a vent which can exhaust the excess air in the can and can also be used as a mobile phone holder.

The next thing I want to introduce is a fresh-keeping box. This fresh-keeping box is also a plastic container made of pp material. This crisper is used to store fruits, vegetables and other foods, and can be placed in the refrigerator for freezing. This fresh-keeping box is transparent, so you can see the food inside at a glance. The fresh-keeping box has a handle design, so it is very convenient to take it. Sorting the food in the refrigerator into fresh-keeping boxes can make the messy refrigerator tidy.

Plastic containers play a very important role in daily life, so they are often purchased by housewives.


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