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Advantages Of Plastic Boxes


Boxes made of plastic have many characteristics such as low density, light weight, and easy processing. The appearance can be transparent or opaque. It is widely used in the food packaging industry.

Advantages of plastic boxes:

1. It is easy to form. As long as the mold is changed, different types of boxes can be obtained, and mass production is easy.

2. The packaging effect is good. There are many kinds of plastics, which are easy to be colored and bright in color. Different types of plastic boxes can be made according to the needs to achieve the best packaging effect.

3. It has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance and good mechanical strength.

Hong Xing’s plastic boxes include lunch boxes, sealed boxes, vacuum boxes and fresh-keeping boxes.

For example, this lunch box is one of the plastic boxes. This lunch box has a compartment design, so you don't have to worry about the smell of each other. The lid of this lunch box can put spoon and fork, so it is more convenient when eating food. The lid of the lunch box can also be used as a mobile phone holder.

The sealed box is also a kind of plastic box. This sealed box is a three-piece set of three sizes. This fresh-keeping box can store food, fruits, vegetables, etc. in the refrigerator for preservation. The lid of the sealed box has four buckles so it has a good seal. This sealed box is transparent, so you can see the food inside at a glance.

Vacuum boxes are also a type of plastic boxes. This vacuum box is made of pp and ABS. This vacuum box has an exhaust hole. After putting food in, you only need to press the box to exhaust the air inside the box. This vacuum box has three colors and three sizes to choose from. This vacuum box is also a good helper for housewives and can be used in the kitchen.

Lunch boxes, sealed boxes, vacuum boxes and fresh-keeping boxes are all types of plastic boxes. Hongxing Commodity Company has many such plastic products to buy. Welcome everyone to consult and buy.

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