Bottles & cups

We offer various drinkwares –plastic water bottles, plastic water cups and plastic water pitchers.

Plastic water bottles include plastic sports water bottles and kids’ drinking plastic bottles. Most of the sports bottles are in large capacity, made of PP, PC or tritan material, and in cool shapes, which people can bring with them when making sports or going for travelling. Kids’ drinking bottles are normally smaller capacity, mostly in cute cartoon shapes or with cartoon printing, equipped with a straw for easy drinking.

Cups include mugs with handles, travelling cups and plastic glasses. Some cups are single wall with cheap price; some are double walls which can protect your hands from heat; some are normal ones without lid; some are with lid to keep hot or to protect the drink inside. Many of these cups can be customized with different colors and printings, which would be very welcome as promotional gifts.

Besides bottles and cups, we also offer pitchers, or what some customers call jugs, sometimes equipped with several cups. These jugs can hold large capacity drinks, and people can share the drink with family or friends in parties or picnics.

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