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Classification and Advantages of Plastic Storage Containers


Plastic storage drawers are more than a savior if you need to organize and clear the mess of your house. Plastic containers are a great option to house any kind of things as they are low in budget, durable and serve the decorative purpose. They are great for bedrooms, dorm rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, craft rooms, and pretty much every other area of the house.

There are several types of plastic storage drawers. Next, let us take a look at the various types of plastic storage drawers one by one.

Plastic Baskets

There are many different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns of plastic baskets on the market. If you want to store some items, these storage containers are good choices. Plastic baskets are usually more expensive than other types of plastic boxes, but they are still very cheap.

There are many types of storage baskets in the products of Hongxing Commodity Co., Ltd. For example, this storage basket has many different sizes, which can be used to store clothes. It can be stacked when not in use, so it does not take up too much space in the home.

Storage basket 


Storage basket


Storage basket


Plastic Cupboards

If you have a lot of things around your home, such as kitchen supplies or important tools or a lot of clothing, then buying plastic cabinets is a good choice. Plastic cabinets do not cost a lot of money and can be easily installed in any room. Sadly, there are not many options available in terms of textures and patterns. But you can find many variations in color and size.

Plastic cabinets are the main products of Hongxing Company. There are various patterns, layers and sizes of cabinets to choose from. For example, the three cabinets below are different types of cabinets.

Storage cupboard


Storage cupboard


Storage cupboard


Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage bins are ideal for individuals who have a lot of random things in your home. You can use plastic storage boxes to organize your house. You can store the stuff that you don’t need in your daily life in plastic storage boxes and then, keep those storage boxes in your basement, attic, or some other place in your house.

Hongxing Company also has many storage boxes, such as foldable storage boxes, portable storage boxes, car storage boxes, etc.

Storage box


Storage box


Storage box


Trash Can Container

Most people think they can only be used as trash cans, but due to their shape, these containers have many other uses. These containers can be used in libraries or study rooms to hold extra items that individuals may not currently need, but these items may be used in the future.

Hongxing Company also has various types of trash cans that can be purchased. Unlike traditional trash cans, the current trash cans can be classified and have a stylish appearance.

Benefits of Having Plastic Storage Drawers

 If you decide to use plastic storage containers to help you get around the house, then you can experience many benefits.

Overall Convenience

This is mainly because you can basically stack them and store them anywhere in the house without worrying about their sturdiness.


Plastic is one of the most durable substances that are present on earth and because of this, you can rest assured that your plastic storage container is also bound to be durable.

Uses of Plastic Storage Drawers in the Kitchen

Let us study the potential uses of plastic drawers in the kitchen.

Storing Dry and Wet Ingredients

One of the most common uses of plastic containers in the kitchen is to store wet and dry ingredients or food (such as spices). It is best to store products in sealed plastic to keep food or ingredients fresh for longer.

Floating Shelves

You have containers and dishes in the kitchen but what if you don’t have enough space to organize them? In this case, you can use floating plastic shelves that you can get installed. You can even install those shelves on your own without any kind of hassle.

Extra Kitchen Cabinets

You can never have enough space in your kitchen. And further, it is also suggested that you should keep your fine china away from the dishes that you use regularly. And if you don’t know where to store all your fancy kitchen equipment then extra high-quality kitchen cabinets is the right answer to fulfill your requirements.

Waste Disposal Box

You cannot use it in a kitchen without a trash bin or waste disposal bin. Therefore, this is the most basic item you can get online. Some bins are also equipped with a sliding lid function, so they are easier to use.

Using the Rolling Storage Cart

If you want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks in the garden, or just want to eat out of the kitchen, then having a rolling storage cart can really make your life easier. Not only can you put food on the top of the shopping cart, you can also store various ingredients in the compartment.

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