how to change polluting plastic bottles into pencil holders.

by:HongXing     2020-04-23
Contaminated plastic bottles
The pollution caused by plastic materials, including plastic bottles and plastic cups, has shocked the world.
In order to reduce the negative impact caused by plastic, people have received serious attention. Most of the plastic is not degraded.
Many political parties in the world have been involved in action to address this issue.
If starting with everyone, the awareness of controlling the negative effects of plastic around the world may be more effective, so to make this idea work, someone should --empowering-
Applicable, practical, beneficial and profitable activities.
This center offers one of the activities of how to turn contaminated plastic bottles and cups into useful things, such as pencil holders, tissue racks, vases, piggy bank or house decorations.
Use a plastic bottle with serious pollution to make a pencil case.
Materials and tools you need :-
600 ml plastic bottles (
Wash and clean the bottle first to ensure there is no remaining hazardous substances in the bottle). -Scrap paper-PVA glue-Water-Composite powder-Color paint-Brush-
Compound powder (
Sold in hardware store)-
Rubber spatula for the project: 1.
Prepare a plastic bottle.
Prepare a clean, used container of 600 ml bottles of mineral water and cut the bottle into two parts: the lower/bottom and the upper.
Some bottles have good curvature to consider before cutting so that these curvature can add artistic shapes to your pencil case.
We will use the bottom in this project, and you can keep the upper part in another project (
We want to curb the pollution caused by plastic bottles, remember? )2.
Making pulp: soak some waste paper for a day or two depending on the type of paper you use, the longer the paper is harder to soak.
You \'d better tear the paper into small pieces so you can make the pulp easily.
After soaking for 1 or 2 days, knead the paper to make it very soft.
Month of adding some PVA glue into pulp (paper pulp): 1 (pva glue)composition.
Mix thoroughly. 3.
Paste the lower half of the bottle you prepared with the dough on it.
Apply paste on the outside, if you are having trouble pasting the entire side at the same time because of very soft paper dough, you can paste it on the half side of the bottle first.
After the first paste is slightly hardened, you can continue to paste on the other side and then paste at the bottom.
After thoroughly pasting the entire side wall, dry it.
It takes a few days to dry completely.
While waiting for the paste to be completely dry, it can be checked daily to find out if there is any part that needs to be trimmed, additional pulp or apply slight pressure on other parts, in order to be more neat when fully hardened.
Wait until it does.
In this step 4, it is not too late to add relief and texture to the surface of the bracket.
The pasted pulp makes its surface rough, which is why we need to polish it using a composite powder. Put some (
About 150g)
Composite powder on the square
Then add some water to make it light dough.
Use only composite powder, just like you need to polish, because we don\'t want to pollute other dough if it is over-made.
Using a rubber spatula, apply the dough to the whole surface, and you also have to occasionally use a bare-handed punch to get a pasted touch, making the results smoother and the application more uniform.
When you\'re done completely, it takes a day to get it dry and dry.
If after polishing you still find some bumps on its surface, you can smooth it with sandpaper. 4.
Put the decorative white \"color\" of the composite powder to lay the foundation on your pencil holder, and then you can do the coloring and decoration to make it more attractive.
In this step, you need to express your artistic style, pictures in beads, paint, mosaics, ornamental stones, shells, reliefs can be considered as a substitute for decoration.
I try to use ornamental stones in this center.
To stick the stone around the holder, first you need to paste some wet compound (
Make the compound like when you polish the bracket above)
Around the bracket, each decorative stone is then pressed one by one into a damp mixture.
Do this around the surface of the bracket so that it is completely covered with decorative stones.
Finally, to cover up the dull look of the dry compound in the stone, I painted it in gold.
The possibility of exploring your art skills is very open, don\'t try your own creations and share them with others, which means you are also involved in reducing the pollution caused by plastic, and provide ideas for others to do the same thing.
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