businesses all for banning polystyrene food containers

by:HongXing     2019-10-30
Johor Baru: The state government\'s plan to ban polystyrene food containers has received strong support from food companies.
Suzanne Zainal Abidin, 30, owner of Agora, has been using cartons for takeout since April, saying she supports the move because polystyrene is bad for the environment.
\"Cartons are more eco-friendly --
Friendly, we can paste our logo and stickers on it to make the package look more attractive.
\"The price per carton is about 26sen, but we don\'t mind because we think it\'s one of our marketing strategies to promote restaurants,\" she said when she recently met at a restaurant near Jalan Dhoby.
Jin Joon Chong, a 55-year-old Internet cafe owner, banned the use of polystyrene containers, saying they were also harmful to health.
\"We have read many scientific reports on the health hazards of polystyrene, especially when it comes to hot food.
\"I believe we also have a responsibility to reduce the health risks of polystyrene to our customers by supporting bans and using other types of food containers,\" said the third generation restaurant owner, more than two years ago, who made the switch from polystyrene to plastic containers.
Mayor of Johor Baru City Council.
Rahim Nin said that prior to any decision on the proposed ban, the parties concerned would present their ideas and findings for consideration.
\"We have to make sure there\'s a viable one.
\"We don\'t want traders and business operators to raise prices because of the ban,\" he said . \".
Zamri Awang, a 38-year-old Sukran Seafood owner who has been involved in the food industry for about 18 years, said that if the ban was imposed, he could choose to use oil paper and clear plastic containers without affecting food prices.
\"Even though I need to look for other options to meet take-out orders, I will still keep the current food price so that my customers don\'t run away.
\"For me, it won\'t affect my business because there aren\'t so many takeout customers,\" he said when he met at the restaurant in tamanaya here.
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