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by:HongXing     2020-08-19
Should you ask for paper or plastic bags at the checkout counter?
Should you put the milk in a carton or in a plastic jar?
If you don\'t think about these issues, maybe you should.
A typical American produces about 3-
1/2 pounds of garbage per day.
Most of them go to landfill sites.
But what happens when the landfill is filled?
This will happen in more than half of our cities by this year.
About half of what we throw away is packaging. So what we buy--ordon\'t buy--
As recycling expert Jenny Vika explained in an interview to celebrate Earth Day, this could have an impact on the environment.
Jeanne Wirka is the state-recognized administration of plastic packaging and solid waste.
Harvard\'s top student is a policy analyst at the Environmental Action Foundation in Washington, D. C. C.
She recently spoke with LisaLefferts, a staff scientist at CSPI, about how to shop while considering the environment.
Q: How can shoppers make the most modest impact on the environment?
A: avoid excessive packaging, choose recyclable packaging, recycling.
Q: It seems that most people choose better packaging than recycling. A: That\'s true.
When many peanut butter manufacturers recently moved from glass to non-
Recyclable plastic cans, I started getting calls from people who were upset. \"What do I do? \"they asked.
The first question I asked them was: \"Have your glass cans been recycled?
Many people say they don\'t.
However, they are still plagued by peanut butter in plastic cans.
Well, if you\'re not going to recycle the glass, then there won\'t be much difference in the glass you buy.
Both of them will eventually be buried.
In general, we encourage people to think about the recycling options they can use.
If they can choose their products based on the packaging they can recycle, and they can put those packages into the recycling system, then they can have a real impact.
Q: What can be recycled and what can\'t be recycled?
Almost everything can be recycled.
What makes something available in a loop, whether it\'s [economically]worth it.
Q: You mean, it doesn\'t matter what you use if you can\'t recycle it? A: Not exactly.
I encourage people to buy products with recycling containers even if they can\'t.
At least this let the Packers know that the market for recyclable packaging is very large.
It also helps to build a recycling system.
Q: How do you find what is being recycled in your area?
A: If the recycling plan is operated by your municipality, there will usually be hotline number.
If not, try calling your state recovery coordinator or the Environmental Protection Fund [1-800-225-5333].
You can also check under \"recycle\" of yellow pages.
Q: Which supermarket cashier is good: paper bags or plastic bags?
A: The best way is to bring your own reusable package (see page 15).
If you don\'t have a bag with you, then choose paper or plastic depending on how you can recycle or reuse it.
But it\'s not clear which one is better if you\'re going to throw them all away.
Cut down a tree, turn it into pulp and paper, and turn it into a bag, or remove the oil from the ground and turn it into a plastic bag, with less impact on the environment?
We don\'t know yet.
The paper and the plastic industry have done some research.
It is worth noting that each one shows that its products are the best.
Next spring, when the State Department completes the final study we hope for, we should know.
I sometimes take plastic bags in the supermarket because I use them at home to pack garbage.
That means I don\'t have to buy garbage bags.
Q: Is there anything better about paper?
A: paper bags can be made of recycled materials.
But not a lot at this point.
It is also possible for us to make plastic bags with recycled plastic.
But now, no one is doing it.
Q: How about the new \"degraded\" plastic?
They are a big scam, a waste of money.
In fact, we call for a boycott.
A biodegradable plastic, like most garbage, may end up in landfill, with the purpose of landfill to minimize the rate of waste degradation.
In addition, the degradation of plastic hinders the recycling of plastic.
Some plastic recyclers have stopped recycling bags because the biodegradable bags will be mixed together and cause problems.
Q: What is the best way to pack my lunch?
A: reusable container with lid.
This is because it will replace a lot of disposable products over its time and that\'s what you want.
Q: But can\'t you recycle aluminum foil? A: Yes.
In fact, this is the only sandwich package you can recycle.
Many people who recycle aluminum take tin paper.
But if you use it only once, then throw it away, and then wrap it in something else, because the process we make aluminum is harmful to the environment.
Q: Should we buy canned or frozen vegetables?
A: If you can recycle cans, you can use them. [
Canned vegetables contain more vitamins and sodium than frozen vegetables. --Ed. ]
If you just look at the frozen
You have a choice for the food section.
A pound of peas in plastic bags may produce more waste than two 8-
A box of peas per ounce with wrapping paper.
This is important because both will eventually be landfill.
The rule of thumb is that the food with the least packaging is the best.
Q: But the small box of peas is just paper.
Can\'t it loop?
A: recyclers don\'t like paper contaminated with food.
This is the next major technical issue that needs to be addressed.
Q: How about packing microwave food? A: Avoid them.
Something like a good man.
Frozen green spinach is completely microwave.
All you need is your own food.
You need a separate tray, plate or special bag for microwave, which is a marketing gimmick.
Generally speaking, the amount of packaging of microwave products is huge compared to the amount of food contained in the packaging.
In the microwave world, there are all kinds of absurdity.
Campbell supper package]
March 1989, food porn
There is an outer box and then there is a tray, a sandwich and a plate in it and a covered bowl.
This is a very ridiculous one-time package.
But there\'s one [Better]
Products like BudgetGourmet, which you can offer directly from the packaging.
Q: How about fresh produce?
A: avoid packing as much as possible.
You can\'t, of course, in some cases.
For example, it is difficult to buy ten tomatoes without using plastic bags.
Just stay away from pre-
Packaging products.
You know: There are four tomatoes on the tray wrapped in plastic.
When it comes to production, excessive packaging is a kind of packaging.
Plastic production pallets are usually polystyrene.
Q: Is there any problem with polystyrene?
A: polystyrene is made of a chemical that is very toxic and potentially carcinogenic-styrene.
The process of producing polystyrene produces a large amount of hazardous waste.
Q: Aren\'t those used clear plastic containers?
And salad made of polystyrene?
Yes, they are.
The same is true of foam plastics. The take-out, fast-
Food, convenient-
The world of food packaging is a difficult problem to solve, because its premise is convenience.
In addition to the salad bar, you can try it again
Use container--
I don\'t think this will happen--
Not much I can recommend.
I \'ve been to some salad bars where you can use an aluminum tray with a cardboard top.
But usually you have no choice.
Q: Is there any plastic that needs attention besides polystyrene? A: Yes.
This is a huge contributor to toxic pollution.
The supermarket packs their meat, fish and poultry in a polystyrene tray and then in PVC.
Renault Wrapis is also made of PVC.
Saran plastic wrap is made of polyammonium diammonium [PVDC]
It\'s a close relative of PVC, and it\'s terrible.
If you can, go to the deli counter and ask them to cut the meat for you and pack it in a frozen package.
Some delicatessens use better pulp molded pallets.
PVC instead of polyethylene packaging in stores [like Handi-Wrap]
Because polyethylene allows oxygen to pass, it turns the meat Brown.
PVC is the only packaging resin that completely prevents oxygen from entering.
PVC is also some bottles, especially those for oil and imported mineral water, made of clear plastic.
Q: How about fast food?
Are some chains better than others?
A: In theory, chains like Burger King that can be recycled using cardboard boxes are better than places like McDonald\'s that use polystyrene.
The problem is that no one recycled cardboard.
Of course, the best solution is to reduce waste first.
McDonald\'s told me that the proportion of meals-in versustake-
About 50 out customers-50.
So if McDonald\'s doesn\'t send polystyrene wrapping paper to people who eat in the restaurant, the problem will be reduced by half.
If you just walk to a table and sit down, there is no need to warm your hamburgerwarm.
We encourage people to put pressure on McDonald\'s to remove half of the packaging they currently use.
If you\'re going to eat at afast-
I suggest you go to a restaurant without polystyrene.
That means Burger King, Roy Rogers and Wendy\'s.
But they also use polystyrene in their salad boxes.
Q: What about polyethylene? What are those plastic milk pots made?
A: You might be surprised to hear this, but you \'d better buy milk in those jars instead of in cartons ---
If you recycle the cans.
Many people complain that milk boxes are replaced by plastic.
Plastic milk pots can be recycled.
Where plastic is recycled, polyethylene is the second recycling target-
The first is the water bottle.
The problem with cartons is that they are made of cardboard coated with polyethylene and you have to separate the two materials before recycling.
It became too expensive so no one bothered.
Like everything else, cartons go to alandfill and stay there forever.
The best thing to do is to find a dairy product that can provide a filling bottle. [
To get a free list of these dairy farms, write down Shelley Stewart of peace in togreen at 4649 Sunnyside Avenue.
Seattle, North, Washington 98103]
Q: Isn\'t the margarine and yogurt bucket also made of polyethylene?
A: Most margarine bathtubs are high.
Extremely low density and recyclable in many parts of the country.
No one recycles yogurt containers using polystyrene or polypropylene.
Q: How about eggs?
A: choose the molded pulp carton instead of the polystyrene carton.
The pulp box is generally 100-
Percentage of recycled paper.
Q: snacks and cereal?
Nice gray.
\"This is the slogan used by the American paper Association to promote the use of the packaging of recycledpaper.
The recycled box is gray or brown inside.
The recycled box is white.
Also, many recycling bins now use the \"recycle\" logo outside.
Q: Can the concentrated juice be compared to the juice in the carton or jar? A: Concentrate.
When you buy juice in cartons or large, thick, high
Density Polyethylene tank, you use a lot of packaging in extra water-
You can wash water at home in your own container.
Q: How about sterile packaging that does not need disinfection?
There is a lot of juice and milk in it.
A: They are composed of multiple
Layer, can not be recycled.
To make matters worse, they replace recyclable containers such as cans and glass.
Q: But the sterile juice container is perfect for children\'s lunch.
What is another option? A: A thermos.
In addition, there are recycling plans in some schools, so children can put their juice in aluminum cans. RE-
Q: It sounds like the more things you reuse, the better. Right?
Not necessarily.
The only way to reuse to reduce waste is that ifa\'s re-used items replace what we would otherwise have purchased.
If you bring the plastic bag back to the store instead of taking a bunch more, it\'s reuse.
We will not solve the waste problem by flushing our jelly cans and using them to store our buttons.
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