how to seal a plastic bottle

by:HongXing     2020-04-23
You can easily recycle plastic bottles into many different craft projects such as sand art containers, water tornado or cyclone school projects, and homemade snowballs.
Depending on the item, it is usually necessary to ensure that there is a tight seal under the screwon top.
Use of screws-
Cover the lid or wax with the screws of the bottle-
There will be a well-sealed plastic bottle on the lid.
Place the bottle on a flat surface and hold the bottleneck firmly with one hand.
Screw the bottle-
On the cap in your hand, place it on the bottle mouth with the thread inside.
Place your hand on the top of the lid and hold firmly on the side of the cap.
Press the cap and turn it at the same time until it is fully screwed to the top of the bottle.
Turn it as tightly as you can.
Wrap up anything dry with your fingers to form a flat surface.
Keep the bottleneck on a clean jar so that the jar can catch any drop of wax to make it easier to clean up.
This method works well for sealing plastic bottles used for dry-content crafts such as sand art or homemade bath salts.
If you seal an item containing liquid with wax, you need to spend more time layering the wax and square it into a bridge over the liquid inside the bottleneck.
Light a match and light a candle stub or candle.
Let the candle burn and drop the melted wax to the neck of the bottle.
Turn the bottle slowly so that the wax starts to gather and stick to the side of the opening of the bottle.
Pile up a layer of wax balls and fill the opening to form a seal.
Fill the bottle top bottleneck with wax and let the wax cool and harden.
When the wax is hardened, it sometimes sinks into the center.
Add more melted wax to fill the cavity and let the seal air dry.
Follow the steps in the first part to screw the cap.
If you are using a fabric ring or other decorative cover, place it on a cooled wax seal and fasten it with a rope, tape, rubber band or a ribbon of your choice.
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