Best Boots Cyber Monday 2018 deals, including perfume, electric toothbrushes and Fitbit Charge 2

by:HongXing     2020-07-13
Black Friday all weekend, but today marks Cyber Monday if you haven\'t finished selling yet --
This is a great opportunity to buy more bargains online.
Boots has launched deals on a variety of products, including leading brands such as Hugo Boss, Liz Earle and Philips.
There has never been a better time to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones than it is now, and if you take advantage of the sale of boot network Monday, this year you will surely find the perfect gift at the ideal price.
Don\'t forget to sign up for one if you don\'t already have a boot card-
It will make your deal
Shopping is worth more.
Collect beauty points on all online Monday products to save yourself more money.
We have collected the best pirated Web Monday deals so you can avoid a rush and start your Christmas shopping early.
It was 300 at the time and now it is 89.
99 This site came out to hurt boots (
Better than the price of 1/2, saving you 210)
Does it contain the packaging of the mouth?
B Genius 9000 plastic toothbrush, Braun electric.
Rose gold, Lotus White or orchid purple is available for safe storage in food
Designer suitcase.
Which toothbrush itself rewards?
Best Buy 2017 and approved by the good school of housekeeping.
Make yourself whiter teeth and healthier gums.
If you want to buy the complete guide of the best electric toothbrush, you can read the complete guide of the telegram here.
Nownow is 149,99 and is now 67. The Braun 3 series 3090 electric shaver is designed with a triple action cutting system that adapts to the contours of the face and can shave and smooth skin.
The wet and dry shaver reduced by £ 82.
99, with a charging stand and a protective suitcase-a must-
There\'s a gift for any man this Christmas.
Buy nowWas £51. 50, now £43.
77 find her the perfect gift and save 15 cents on a variety of YSL Beauty sets.
This exquisite gift set comes with top products from YSL, including Touche é clat, curly mascara, classic red lipstick and expert production-up remover.
This year, when you give them this satisfying gift set, give a smile on the face of a beauty lover.
It\'s 169 now, and it\'s pounds now. 75Save £42.
25 about this award-
Facial Cleaning and resistance
Aging equipment from Swedish beauty brand FOREO.
The revolutionary device is 2-
The minute skin care ceremony will change your daily skin and give you a sharper, more refined and youthful look.
Buy nowWas £66. 50, now £39.
90 looking for gift inspiration for your father, brother or husband this Christmas?
The boots have a great range of after-sales service at their Black Friday auction.
Paco Rabanne aftershav is one of the star gifts for stores this year, which means limited inventory.
Save over £ 25 in this 100 ml bottle and make sure to give the man in your life a perfect gift this Christmas.
It\'s 58 now, and it\'s 30 now. Gucci\'s perfume collection is very popular.
Destroy a loved one this Christmas and save yourself £ 28!
50 ml of the bottle exudes a beautiful fragrance
Perfect size for handbags.
Now I bought 109. 99, now £59.
Panasonic Naimi is not a normal hair dryer.
In fact, it is an innovative technical device that can keep the moisture balance when the hair is dry and make sure the hair is smooth and shiny.
Studies have shown that it actually produces 1,000 times more hair moisture than a normal hair dryer, while reducing damage.
This network Monday deal includes a convenient quick drying nozzle and diffuser.
Buy now find more Telegram favorite electronic Monday deals here. Was £299. 99, now £89.
Better than half.
Price deals for boots, there is a smart brush head replacement reminder on the toothbrush and two weeks battery life, this eliminates the need for frequent charging-so you can continue charging in your suitcase without care in the world, especially in all bad dental hygiene situations.
Buy 13 now. 99, now £79.
£ 99 £ 60, saving some basic technical fees to keep an eye on your new addition to the family, which includes £ 3.
5 \"color LCD female unit.
It offers real-time, infrared night vision of 300 degrees and views of baby rooms in the 300 m range.
Buy nowWas £54. 99, now £43.
99 This heated mattress cover is essential for these cold nights in winter.
Soft and breathable cotton fabric gives you complete comfort while keeping warm.
You can set the automatic on/off time according to your daily life, and you can also enjoy quick heating
The time is extended whenever you open it manually.
It\'s 159 now. 99, now £99.
If you want to use Fitbit to control your activity levels, exercise and sleep, now is the time to do it as boots are offering deals of various models.
We love this special edition of Fitbit Charge 2, which can be connected to GPS and offers smartphone notifications, mobile alerts, and personalized guided breathing sessions.
Buy now find more Telegram favorite network Mondaytech deals here.
Only £ 68 when you buy any Estee Lauder perfume.
This beautiful gift is a combination of beauty products.
The outstanding gift suit is luxurious --
Filled with 11 of Estee Lauder\'s favorite products.
You can have this impressive gift (worth £275. 49)
When you buy any of the selected Estee Lauder fragrances, the exclusive online Monday price.
Buy £ 575 now, £ 249 now, and bring the salon home with Philips\'s impressive hair removal device, which is 267 less than usual.
Lumea PrestigeBRI956/00 IPL can be used for body, face, bikini and underarm-
So you always have a holiday. ready.
Special equipment makes it possible to remove hair safely, effectively and easily at home
You don\'t have to make an appointment for a salon anymore!
Philips Lumea uses innovative lights
Break the basic technology of hair regeneration cycle.
Gentle light pulses are applied to the roots and after several treatments the hair is prevented from growing back.
Buy nowWas £49. 99, now £24.
This Tommee Tippee device is able to detect forehead temperature in two seconds and store up to 25 previous readings.
The accurate and simple thermometer is also easy to use, and the touch-free function can prevent interference to children\'s sleep.
Buy all Liz Earle products right away on the entire network Monday save 15%.
Liz Earle has a variety of skin care packages, including this great must-have package --
Christmas present-
Suitable for any crazy beauty.
The exclusive Golden calend flower has a range of luxury mini favorites, including the popular cleansing and polishing hot cloth cleanser, instant skin tonic, gentle facial exfoliator,
Be kind to yourself or your loved one this Christmas!
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