the dangers of using plastic containers and what to do ...

by:HongXing     2020-08-12
When the plastic container came out decades ago, many people praised its many uses.All of a sudden, almost all foods and beverages are sold in plastic bottles or containers coated with plastic resin.People also start heating in order to save precious time...When the plastic container came out decades ago, many people praised its many uses.All of a sudden, almost all foods and beverages are sold in plastic bottles or containers coated with plastic resin.In order to save precious time, people also start heating food with plastic containers, not bothering to heat noodles, water, before pouring in hot water or microwave oven, or other food in glass or glass bottles.However, in recent years, scientists have discovered certain components of the hard plastic container, especially the double phenol-A (or BPA) can adversely affect people\'s health.Infants, children and the elderly are most vulnerable to these negative effects.According to many studies, biphenol a can destroy your hormones and eventually lead to damage to the brain structure, increased risk of obesity, reproductive problems, aggression and ADHD, and even impaired immune system function.Although the government is doing its best to develop legislation to minimize and ultimately eradicate the use of BPA in food packaging, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate your exposure to this substance.Many water pipes, dental sealant, bottle caps, sports bottles, water containers, and even some plastic baby bottles list BPA as one of the main ingredients.In fact, more than 95% of those involved in the study were found to have very high levels of BPA in the body, according to a study.While BPA is ubiquitous and almost impossible to eliminate in the foreseeable future, what you can do is protect yourself and your family and minimize your BPA exposure.Here are some tips that can help you reduce your exposure to BPA: stick to using glass bottles and DishesIt is the best for you and your children, and use glass bottles and plates as much as possible.Studies have shown that BPA does not always exist in plastic containers, but leaks into food.If you cook, microwave or place hot liquid or food in BPA-Full containerSo if you have to store food in the refrigerator or cook instant noodles in the microwave, be sure to use a glass container.You \'d better feed your child with a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle.Don\'t let your child play with plastic toys in food containers, and some plastic toys also take advantage of BPA.Since children, especially those aged five and under, like to taste their toys and put them in their mouths, it is best to prevent your child from using or playing with plastic toys.Fabric toys are much better for your baby.Try to reduce the purchase of canned drinks and food. Canned goods sold in supermarkets for the storage of processed foods and beverages are usually lined up with bisols.Therefore, if you want to minimize family exposure to BPA, it is best not to buy food and drinks packed in cans.Reading the labels of recycled bottles while it is best to stick to the glass bottle, it is almost impossible to resist the urge to occasionally buy water in plastic bottles.If you have to do this, be sure to look at the label of your bottled water.Stay away from water bottles that use recycled bottles that do not have 7 recycled labels as they may contain BPA.If you are concerned about your frequent exposure to this chemical, you can choose to start a detox program that can help you eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals in your system.Colpurin is a product that makes it easier for you to detoxify.

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