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Wholesale 4-LAYER DRAWER With Good Price-HongXing

Wholesale 4-LAYER DRAWER With Good Price-HongXing

Wholesale 4-LAYER DRAWER With Good Price-HongXing

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This is a four layer of drawer, each layer is removable counter unit.It is small, can be placed inside the bedroom closes to store or put some daily supplies and small objects, such as: books, baby products, snacks, drinks or things like cosmetics, function of each layer can meet the different needs of consumers.And the layer of ark of portable strong moves place is very convenient, don't have to worry about to break it.


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Lightweight convenience ark of four layers and the life that occupy the home place objects of choice

1. This is a total of four layer of the cabinet.This layer cabinet made out of PP.It has three colors: gray, pink and brown.

2. The four layers of ark is made from plastic PP, durable, light and easy to move, can easily move anywhere indoors.

3. The four layers of each layer of ark of a drawer can be easily removed, will need to load the goods when pulling it, pack the goods with the loaded layer frame, don't worry about it will not stuck

4. According to the different needs of customers, each layers of ark can load different items, such as: baby products, snacks, beverages, office supplies, bathroom towel or some cosmetics, things like that

5. Layer ark can put in different places, you can put it in the ark of the head of a bed of the bedroom, also can on the desk of the company, you are the customer you have the final say

6. Layer of tank cleaning is very convenient, as long as the swab with water can be very clean, it won't rub off will not smooth surface stains are difficult to clean



Model No.HX0041284
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