what plastic bottle manufacturers don\'t want you to know about stainless steel bottle waters

by:HongXing     2020-05-05
After a long workout or a long day, you will reach out to get that cool bottle of cold water.
As we all know, water is an important part of our daily diet.
Water can keep us hydrated, improve the texture and digestive health of our skin, reduce liquid retention and help us lose weight.
But have you ever noticed where your water is?
If you like to drink bottled water and like to reuse your disposable water container, think again.
Do you think doing so will help save the environment?
Have you ever thought about the potential danger that this will bring to you?
Given that you enjoy drinking water, you must consider how your water is packaged or bottled.
Do you know that a single bottle of water can last for 700?
40% of bottled water comes from regular tap water.
So why are you paying for what you can get for free?
If you like the environment and decide to reuse your disposable bottled water, you \'d better think twice. The plastic (
Called PET or PET)
These bottles contain potentially carcinogenic elements.
These disposable bottles are safe for use only once.
If you have to keep it longer, it should be or not more than a few days.
Also keep them away from the heat.
Repeated washing and rinsing can cause the plastic to break down and the carcinogens will enter the water you are drinking.
So why are you putting your health at risk?
It is best to invest in water bottles that are really suitable for multiple purposes.
You then have to be very careful what reusable beverage containers you will choose.
Do you have plastic bottles in your head?
Let me give you more facts about plastic bottles and after that you will be very grateful for reading this article first before going to drink a glass.
Reusable plastic bottles are made of polycarbonate.
Polyester plastic is a lightweight plastic with a unique toughness balance.
In a variety of common products, polyester is used.
For digital media and medical devices.
The durability of Polycarbonate also makes it ideal for reusable bottles that can be easily stored in the refrigerator.
On the other hand, double phenol A or double phenol a is an integral part of polycarbonate plastics.
In recent years, researchers have found that a certain level of BPA has been transferred from polycarbonate products to our food and beverages.
Some researchers believe that a polyfat bottle of double phenol a may threaten the health of your family.
If you are excluded from this study because of the use of a new reusable plastic bottle, according to some scientists, the biggest impact is not whether the container is new or old, but the temperature of the liquid.
So why are you putting you and your family in danger?
I can provide you with a solution that not only saves the environment, but also saves you hundreds of dollars a year and protects your family from BPA juicing bottles.
Sounds great?
Switch to use stainless steel bottled water like Eco canteen.
No matter where you go, carrying water is a convenient way.
It is made of light weight, high quality food grade stainless steel.
What are you waiting?
Choose a healthier, greener and more economical way to drink water!
Choose the ecological canteen!
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