We\'re going to have to get used to \'dirty\' looking plastic bottles if we want to increase recycling, warns Co-op

by:HongXing     2020-05-12
A big supermarket plans to change everything about itself.
Recycled plastic bottles with brand water to 50 cents will look more blurry and greasy than usual. Co-
The Op said it expects the move to bring \"ethical dilemmas\" to customers and acknowledged that they can test the environmental awareness of shoppers.
The new bottle has 100% Recyclability and sources in the UK and will be rolled out to all stores later this year.
According to supermarket estimates, this change is entirely caused by itself.
Still, sparkling and flavored water bottles will save nearly 350 tons of plastic each year.
The company also said it plans to remove black and dark plastic from its aisles by 2020 on the grounds that sorting machines are more difficult to detect due to its paint and pollution recovery streams, reduce the usefulness and value of recycled materials. Co-
Op Food chief executive Jo Whitfield said: \"Our customers want us to be able to meet this challenge and help them make more ethical choices.
\"Making these changes will also create new uses for recycled materials, which in turn gives our customers greater confidence in recycling.
\"There are more than 50 million tons of plastic in the ocean, and scientists predict that this number will double to 0. 15 billion tons by 2025.
More than 100,000 marine mammals die from eating plastic, and 1 million birds die from eating plastic or getting caught up in plastic waste each year.
Ain Ferguson
\"The vendors are working to make the bottles clearer-they have done it,\" said Op Environment manager.
\"At the same time, our bottles will wear this gray color, and I think it\'s a symbol of honor-we are part of the market for recycled products and are proud of it.
Earlier this week, the government announced a deposit return plan to reduce waste in plastic bottles.
Environment Minister Michael Gove is considering a small additional fee for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles that will be returned to the buyer after recycling.
The money will be recovered in the supermarket\'s \"reverse vending machine\", similar to plans already in place in countries such as Australia and Germany.
In Germany, the cost is 22 p, which is believed to help the country reach a recovery rate of 90 since its introduction.
However, not everyone thinks the scheme is a good idea and many people think we should stop using plastic altogether.
Sutherland, Xi\'an, co-
The founder of the plastic planet environmental movement told the Daily Telegraph: no matter how many times a plastic bottle is repackaged
It will almost always be used or recycled in the environment sooner or later.
Instead, we have to turn off the plastic faucet.
In something as indestructible as plastic, where is the logic of packing something as short as water?
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