twin bed revival means cozy, functional rooms

by:HongXing     2020-06-28
The idea of two twin beds in a corner around a table is not new.
In the 1970 s, the most common version was the minimalist Danish modern style.
The bedspread is very tailor-made and always includes a padded cushion arranged on the wall side of each bed.
There is a reading light on the desk in the corner.
At that time, the goal of the whole concept was to turn a male study into a space to sleep occasionally.
Today, people want a charming room if space allows.
In a small home, this arrangement also works when the children have to double in the bedroom.
My grandmother had a very straight and hard unit in her spare bedroom, anchored by a smooth walnut Danish table.
She put her sewing machine in the same room we used for the night.
We note that these bedroom staples have picked up in popularity a generation ago, suggesting that today\'s spare bedrooms need the same versatility as my grandmother\'s.
But now there are some interesting new twists.
For example, many types of platform beds leave room for storage under a single mattress.
In the photos shown here, it is filled with baskets to store clothes or collectibles.
Plastic boxes with lids can also work. (
If you use an open basket, consider packing your stored items in a plastic zip bag to prevent dust. )
You can do the same under-bed storage with a traditional bed by lifting the box spring with a ready-made bed lift.
This practical and innovative compact design is decorated with the basic design of two single beds in the corner.
The improved furniture is no longer a simple corner table, but to maximize the vertical space of the room.
This special hu has three deep shelves on both sides of the central corkboard.
The design allows the storage of cd, books and photos.
The clock, radio, pen and pencil can be easily reached.
In this room, the work is right under the deep window ledge, so the whole band looks custom made when hugging the corner.
Another change compared to the early two beds is that we prefer soft fluffy sheets instead of the first generation to make the corner bed ordinary.
For most teenagers and teenagers, it is very attractive to mix levels with different patterns.
Bold Geometry blends with whimsical patterns.
Bright pink, purple, water, coral and crisp white can be dynamically mixed together in puffed and quilting explosions.
It is still possible to add last year\'s cushion, but as shown in this comfortable room, a large number of soft pillows are more popular.
They give a softer overall feel to the corners and edges of the platform furniture.
Traditional snow Neil throwing wash
The fashionable bedspread is now also welcomed by the new.
One reason is that it\'s easy to keep them clean, and the other is that you can achieve full coverage of the ground without making a fuss.
There is also an added benefit, especially if a child or teenager lives in a room: a typical throw also provides an easy way to make the bed and keep the room decent.
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