Stainless Steel Children's Complementary Food Bowl, Insulated and Anti Scald Sealed Double Ear Bowl

Stainless Steel Children's Complementary Food Bowl, Insulated and Anti Scald Sealed Double Ear Bowl

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Hongxing daily necessities manufacturer is a company engaged in the foreign trade industry for 21 years. It has rich experience in foreign trade. It focuses on providing customers with the best quality service and supports privately customized product gift box packaging.


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Children's bowl with cute polar bear pattern


This is a children's bowl with a capacity of 400ml and a non-slip suction cup at the bottom, which can ensure that children will not overturn the dishes due to play while eating.

This children's bowl with a cute polar bear pattern on the surface is specially designed for children's diet. Are you still worried that your child will eat unintentionally during lunch time and knock over the bowl? You can try our product, it has a large capacity of 400 ml, which can provide children with the nutrients they need for a day's activities, and the cute shape can attract children's attention and cultivate their good habit of eating at the right time .



This bowl has a unique functional design. You can see that it has a bowl opening like a kettle. It is designed to have a recognizable teapot shape to add heat preservation to the product. You can pour an appropriate amount of hot water into the water inlet to keep the food in the bowl warm. It itself is made of PP+304 stainless steel material. High-quality materials and years of accumulated craftsmanship ensure the high quality of the product itself. Health, environmental protection, and no peculiar smell are the primary guarantees for our products.



This product is also designed with a non-slip bottom suction cup for children's active habits. As long as it is placed on a plastic or metal desktop, it can firmly adsorb the desktop and will not be easily moved or knocked over by children. If you would like to know more about such products, please contact us.

 ITEM NOHX0039823


 Carton size58.0*30.0*48.0CM,0.084CBM/CTN
 Parking48PCS/COLOR  BOX

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