three ways to re-use plastic bottles at home

by:HongXing     2020-04-24
Plastic bottles are used more and it has become a way of life.Most of us use these bottles maybe 5-Six a week.But on the other hand, dealing with them is harmful to the environment.So what can actually be done to solve this problem?How can you re-Use these plastic bottles at home?To know all this, please read the article below.Well...Plastic bottles can be used in many ways at home, which you didn\'t even think of before, but you are happy to know them.Here are some good ways to reuse plastic bottles: 1.Children\'s craft: children can make the best and interesting use with plastic bottles in the form of: Worm Palace: home with a large plastic bottle as worm.Cut off the top of the bottle and pour some dirt.Put some bugs in it.They will eventually start digging tunnels to create a worm village.In this way, they will get a habitat and take advantage of plastic bottles.Spirit shake: Pour the temperature paint into the plastic bottle.Rotate it until it covers both sides and then take off the excess.Let it work for a while.After finishing, add a few beans and stick the lid together.Using plastic bottles to have a good time at school is an interesting way.2.Eco-Friendly use: you can also reuse plastic bottles for environmental protectionFriendly purpose as described below: water saving: what you can do is you can fill a plastic water bottle and cover it.Flush the toilet and fix the bottle inside as soon as you find the tank empty..In this way, the tank is half full, and you can also save water at the same time in this unique way.Pest control: cut the bottle into two parts.Part should be part.The fourth bottlePlace any sweet juice on the bulk of the bottle, then put the second half of the plastic bottle upside down to form a funnel into the bottle.This will attract all pests and insects and you will be able to keep your home from annoying creatures.3.Scientific use: in this case, you can really teach your child how to make the most of plastic bottles.You can teach the properties of water and oil by putting cooking oil, food and water into half-cut bottles.After pouring, you will find that the oil is not mixed with water.That\'s how you make healthy food.Obviously you won\'t cook in a bottle, but at least it will help young children understand the scientific usage of plastic bottles, as well as the properties of water and oil.

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