this roof-mounted storage box transforms into a two-person tent

by:HongXing     2019-10-23
Car camping is a great way to experience outdoor activities.
It\'s not as cruel as taking a flashlight and a knife into the wilderness, and it\'s not as lame as a complete person
Finish the charm experience with air-
Conditional tents and full setservice bar.
Sleeping in a tent on top of your car can be the best way to get a car camp, but switch between roofs
The storage boxes and tents installed are a huge pain because in the space you have found --
A crowded garage for storage of a garage that is not used.
That\'s why Tepui HyBox is such a great product.
It cleverly combines the roof.
Storage box and pop installed-
Place the tent in a unit and you can always install it on a shelf or after-sales Bar at the top of your vehicle. A roof-
The storage box installed for your car can be easily converted into a comfortable twoperson tent. Buy Now $2,895.
00 use HyBox as storage box, just open the roof at the back, it can go through the front-mounted hinge.
When everything is packed, the box becomes an aerodynamic shape that doesn\'t add too much height to the top of your car.
The weight of the whole thing is 11 pounds so it won\'t press your car down.
When you are ready to set up the camp, just pop up the roof and connect the canopy.
It has mesh windows with rolling
When the curtains and doors on the left and right are opened, they can be supported to make double awnings.
Roof lining insulation, canopy by 260-
Grams of cotton and polyester with waterproof coating.
The shell is made by a super
Strong plastic, lower housing reinforced with welded aluminum base and felt
Honey polypropylene panel lined.
It is powerful enough to support two sleeping people, or a 23 cubic foot storage box.
HyBox comes with an 8-and-a-
Can be connected to half-foot telescopic ladder and three-foot telescopic ladder on both sides of the tentinch, 40-
Pound mattress with removable cotton cover, comfortable sleeping surface is easy to keep clean.
HyBox, which sells for nearly $2,900, is not just an accidental purchase, but a tough and versatile solution to the main problems faced by campers.
The pillar of this roof
The installed storage box can be turned into two
The tent first appeared to the father.
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