this refugee is building homes out of plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-18
This story is part of the marine plastic series.
In a refugee camp in the Sahara desert, a man makes the house more durable in bad weather conditions, and he is using garbage to do so.
According to the UN refugee agency, the Sahara refugee Tateh Lehbib Breica, who lives in the Tindouf refugee camp in Argentina, is building homes for other refugees with plastic bottles filled with sand (UNHCR)
Video released last week.
Breica lives in the Awserd camp, one of the five camps where tinrawi refugees have lived around Tindouf for more than 40 years, according to a UNHCR post of January.
According to the BBC, during the Western Sahara War in 1975, thousands of Sahara people, an indigenous group in Western Sahara, were displaced to Afghanistan, and many have remained there since then.
Today, Tindouf\'s desert climate-including storms, heavy rains and temperatures of up to 113 degrees-often destroys refugee homes, according to UNHCR\'s video, the tents are either made of adobe clay bricks.
For example, a storm in 2015 destroyed thousands of houses in the area.
According to the UN refugee agency, plastic bottle homes in Breica are more durable than adobe.
Circles also give them air power, which helps to withstand storms.
\"It took us months to build another fragile home,\" Mailaminin Saleh, a refugee who currently lives in a plastic bottle house in Breica, told ThinkProgress.
Her former house was made of clay bricks and destroyed in the flood, after which she had to live in a tent.
\"It\'s stronger and more efficient here,\" she said . \".
\"I am pleased that I have benefited from this initiative.
According to the eye of the Middle East, last year, after Breica built the first plastic bottle house for his grandmother, his ideas were selected by UNHCR to fund.
Since then, he has worked with them to build another 25 houses in five camps in the area.
According to the eye of the Middle East, Breica-who studied renewable energy in universities-built each family with about 6,000 plastic bottles found around camps and surrounding dumps.
Filled with sand and straw, the bottle is stacked round and then coated with cement and limestone.
Not only can these houses help solve the bad weather, but they can also solve another major problem: plastic garbage.
According to ThinkProgress, plastic bottles are usually thrown into the trash bin in a refugee camp around Tindouf, rather than recycled.
According to National Geographic, more than 80% recyclable plastic bottles are filled every year.
It takes hundreds of years for plastics to break down, and many scientists estimate that plastics have never been completely broken down.
\"We all know that plastic will not be destroyed in nature until hundreds of years later,\" Lehbib told the eyes of the Middle East . \".
\"It is estimated that this figure is more than 300, and how long these houses will survive as long as the bottles are not exposed to the sun.
\"The Breica project is not the first to build a house using bottles: In 2014, a non-profit organization in Ecuador built a roof with plastic bottles, in 2010, A man built his home in Argentina with beer bottles.
\"These families also help create jobs in a place where there are few jobs,\" Breica told the Middle East Eye . \".
\"It takes four people to pick up the bottle, four people to fill the bottle, and four masons to lift the bottle.
Drivers are also required to transport sand and bottles.
We are creating an industry around plastic houses.
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