things you need to consider when choosing catering storage boxes

by:HongXing     2019-10-24
One of the things you need when you\'re in the catering industry is the storage box, not just any old plastic box.
If you are going to protect items such as glassware and crockery, you will need additional power storage boxes, especially if you have to ship them to outside dining activities.
There are hundreds of different storage boxes of different sizes, some meet European standards, some do not, and there are dozens of different plug-ins for storing and transporting different items.
Many of these storage boxes also act as a conveyor belt to put in a dishwasher, which means you can put your items in it and transfer them out via a conveyor belt dishwasher or a hood dishwasher, then store or transport them as needed without having to remove them from the box.
So when thinking about buying a storage box, you also need to think about where you\'re going to put the software, when to store it, where you\'re going to store it, how often do you have to move it, easy to stack
If they are indeed stackable
Nested when empty-
If they nest again
How much storage space do you have, how easy it is to access items that you need to store for a specific purpose or for a specific day, and how difficult they are.
There may still be things to consider, such as how many they are when fully loaded, how easy it is to ship, whether they are compatible with the transport trolley, what type of plug-ins they can accommodate, etc. Phew!
Even though you think it would be a walk in the park to buy a few extra powerful storage boxes!
Well, they don\'t spend an arm and a leg, mostly between 15 and 40 years old, but you still need to find the right one for your special needs, otherwise, it\'s just a loss of money.
Either that\'s it, or you got it wrong, and your glasses creaked inside and broke, which is still a sum of money in this case.
Believe it or not, some of the many sturdy storage boxes with lids are empty and it is difficult to remove the lid.
When they are full and have some weight on them, the situation is not bad, but it will be difficult when they are empty.
That\'s why a box with a crocodile cover or a butterfly cover might be more suitable for your purpose.
Ideally, you will also need a stackable storage box as it maximizes your existing space, which is extra in many cases.
For the same reason, when the box is empty, the box will also nest.
Another thing you need to consider is durability.
You do not want the storage boxes to be discarded when they are full of software, as they will undoubtedly be discarded at some point.
The most commonly used plastic in storage boxes is polypropylene (PP).
The other is high density polyethylene (HDPE)
For heavy-duty boxes.
Both substances will eventually degrade due to exposure to oxygen and ultraviolet rays.
A bigger problem, however, is temperature.
PP becomes brittle at a slightly lower freezing point, which is why it is not recommended to store in an outdoor garage or in a basement.
High Density Polyethylene doesn\'t become brittle until about minus 100 F, so in the UK you won\'t have any problems.
Neither of them will be bothered by the heat and PP will survive to about 175 degrees F.
Climate change can worry a lot of people, but it won\'t worry about your storage box yet.
Another consideration is the comfort of the handle.
When you carry the whole box with you, you don\'t want the handle to hurt your hand, and you don\'t want the lid to enter your stomach while you\'re carrying it.
You can also consider labeling.
Some storage box suppliers can print them with your company name and logo, which can prevent theft if you take them out of the warehouse, or you can have them printed with content for easy identification
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