the negative impact of plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-04-26
Drinking bottled water has become the norm in our modern city life, not the exception.
At some point, almost everyone else bought bottled water to drink.
Statistics show that more than 50 billion water bottles are sold worldwide each year.
This is a shocking revelation.
More and more use of these is bad news for the environment.
Of these 50 million bottles, only 23% were recovered during the recycling process.
This means there are more than 38 billion landfill sites worldwide. Single-
The use of plastic bottles is one of the main causes of the growing problem of plastic waste in the world.
FMCG companies use plastic bottles to pack drinking water, inflatable drinks, soda, juice and more liquid products.
Plastic bottles are easy to move and transport due to the light weight and durability of plastic, so they are favored by manufacturers.
However, despite the practical advantages of plastic bottles, the most harmful fact is that they cannot be biodegradable.
The production of plastic water bottles requires up to 17 million barrels of oil per year.
Making a bottle of water also requires three times the volume of water filled.
Plastic bottles have caused losses to our limited earth resources.
Precious natural resources, such as water and fossil fuels, are wasted in this manufacturing process.
Plastic does not break down naturally and is not easy to recycle.
It takes more than 1000 years for a plastic bottle to break down in a natural environment.
Recycling plastic bottles actually meanscycling them;
This means that the plastic is broken down into smaller plastic particles for further use in other products.
Therefore, waste plastic bottles are a burden on landfill sites.
With harmful bottles placed in the landfill for many years, heat and pressure began to break them down into smaller plastic particles.
Over time, plastic leaks into the soil and enters our rivers and oceans.
There were also discarded bottles that were rushed to the beach and on the banks of the river and finally to the bottom of the sea.
Waves and water pressure also break down plastic waste into tiny particles.
These facts about contaminated water bottles have done harm to our marine life.
Fish in the sea mistake smaller particles for their natural food, which can lead to death due to suffocation or intestinal obstruction.
In addition to environmental problems, plastic bottles can also cause harm to health and immunity.
Drinking water from harmful bottles can have a lot of negative effects on health.
Most of these bottles are made of double phenol (BPA)
A chemical used to make it hard and clear.
BPA is associated with heart disease, early puberty in girls, decreased fertility in women, difficulty in the nervous system, and even some types of cancer.
The bottle also contains another harmful substance, known as neighboring benzene ester, which causes a decrease in sperm count, abnormal testicles, and other problems.
Therefore, the use of bottles can lead to a long time
A question of health terminology.
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