take a look at every single toothbrush that’s been featured on what i rent so far

by:HongXing     2020-07-09
As we rolled out what I rented, we were looking forward to making some comments about the way people live in London.
We expect people outside of London to call everyone idiots because they paid so much to live in teenagers --
Small apartments and comments from Northerners share how little they pay for the three apartments
Bed house in the country.
What we didn\'t expect was that people had a strong interest in toothbrushes.
Every week, when we take you into a property rented by a different person, there will be a photo that will appeal to comments, usually negative: a photo of the toothbrush.
When we dare to miss a photo of someone\'s dental tool, we are in big trouble.
So, to meet the needs of all toothbrush lovers, we \'ve listed a list of every toothbrush I \'ve rented so far, so you can read and judge your heart carefully.
Oh, there\'s also a spoiler: Some of these photos are updates from the owner of the toothbrush himself.
It is exciting that right lisa has drawn some criticism because of the large amount of debris on the top of the drawer, including manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes.
Lisa now takes care of dogs in Sri Lanka.
She\'s still using an electric toothbrush.
Warren was asked to replace the head of the plastic toothbrush he now has.
To be frank, these toothbrushes are terrible.
Jessie has just moved into a new apartment and this time treated herself with a new toothbrush made of wood instead of plastic.
She refused to change to an electric toothbrush because she liked to do her own circular exercise.
Another example of a toothbrush that needs to be replaced urgently.
Mel won points not only for having an electric toothbrush in good condition, but also for mouthwash and dental floss. Well done, Mel.
Laura said people were mean because the three toothbrushes in the jar touched.
She wanted to clarify that all three touching people were hers because she had three toothbrushes for no reason.
She has reduced her expenses since then.
Recently her toothbrush holder broke down and she thought of what I rented when she bought a new one.
The toothbrush for Aisha and Jessie needs a container.
They also have less toothpaste.
Reviewers are more interested in the handcuffs hanging on James\'s wardrobe than his toothbrush.
At Phil\'s, we found that photographer Alexander had been telling people that I was interested in pictures of toothbrushes.
This is not the case.
In fact, Alexander is interested in people\'s toothbrushes.
I then saw this trend coming up and was curious.
After that, the toothbrush is a must.
\"I found it really frustrating to have an electric toothbrush with a head and a separate manual toothbrush,\" one Redditor wrote . \".
\"Just like they didn\'t share the electric one, one of them just uses the manual one and the other uses the advanced one . \" Myles was impressed with his toothbrush, but I wish it had a lid
This version I rented attracted one of my favorite comments all along: \"I was scared when I scroll . . . . . . No pictures of toothbrush!
But they saved it in the end. Close call.
The toothbrush is very good, we said.
Three people, seven toothbrushes in one house!
We were surprised.
Rebecca\'s electric toothbrush.
Marcus used the manual because he brushed his teeth in the shower and was worried about using a brush under tap water.
Both Rebecca and her roommate used electric toothbrushes, which impressed fans.
Amy and gertro fall in love as crazy as their manual toothbrush.
The same goes for Alex and Andy, though their toothbrush seems to give each other some personal space.
Isn\'t the color of Jennifer and Celine sweet-
Coordinating toothbrushes does share her apartment with her daughter, so we should probably excuse the state of these toothbrushes.
And toothpaste without a lid.
When your toothbrush head looks like this, please change it.
\"Sharing the toothbrush pan makes me a little sick,\" Jeester wrote on Reddit . \".
Thank you, Jeester!
A great comment about this: \"There is a toothbrush for every tooth!
To be fair, there are a lot of toothbrushes here.
We don\'t deserve a fresh toothbrush.
A few people commented on the traces of toothpaste on Stephanie\'s toothbrush, which, in my opinion, is ridiculous.
Traces of toothpaste are inevitable!
Friends, you should look at the state of my toothbrush.
A lovely cup for toothbrush. Good work.
\"Five toothbrushes, you\'re so kind to us, Alan. ’I really do.
It is a weekly series broadcast at ten o\'clock A. M. every Tuesday.
Come back next week and check out another rented property in London.
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