Save over 60% on this whitening electric toothbrush

by:HongXing     2020-06-30
Electric toothbrushes protect your teeth and gums better than regular toothbrushes: there are thousands of vibrations per minute and you will remove more plaque and stains than ever before.
But they are not very friendly with your wallet and you often have to pay more than $100 for them, excluding replacement heads.
Clean Sonic ultra electric whitening toothbrush with 4 brush heads is an affordable option for anyone who wants a shiny smile without an empty wallet in 2019 --
You can now get an extra 19% discount with the coupon code newyear209.
The Clean sonic brush moves at 35,000 vibration per minute, ten times more than the dental plaque of the traditional toothbrush.
Multiple cleaning modes such as soft (sensitive gums), whitening (removing stains), and standard cleaning modes will improve gum health within a week.
The stylish black design adds oomph to any bathroom, the LCD display shows the working mode of the brush, the battery status, and it alerts you when you need to change the brush head.
This plastic toothbrush adds four heads and is more valuable.
A clean sonic ultra-electric whitening toothbrush with 4 brush heads will usually set you back to $99.
99, but now it only sells for $41. 99.
Enter the coupon code newyear209 at checkout and you will receive an additional 19% discount
The final price is $34. 01.
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