recycle your plastic bottle - make it into a flamingo figurine.

by:HongXing     2020-04-24
Flamingo is a large wading bird that lives on a sandy beach above shallow lakes, lagoons, mangrove swamps and ebb tide markers.
They are distributed in Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America and Europe.
Their pink or red color comes from algae, algae and small shellfish eaten by birds.
They also eat aquatic insects.
Flamingos head down and eat in the water so they can drink water and eat in front of the bill.
The Flamingo\'s bird\'s mouth is thin, and it functions like a sieve. It has the ability to choose the type of food it eats.
Flamingos hold their breath while feeding.
Make your own flamingo statue.
Another way to recycle a plastic bottle is to make it into a flamingo statue.
Here are some steps on how to make it.
We usually have the tools, materials and materials needed in the environment around us, so they are easy to prepare: scissors PET plastic bottles or thin paper.
Water-based paint, colored paper or other attractive paper used to cover flamingos skin.
PVC adhesive tape: medium and small size.
Some cartonYou need to prepare two plastic bottles of the same size.
I used 600 ml in this project-sized bottles.
Start with the first bottle: Body-Legs-Tail.
Cut the first bottle with scissors in the area around 7 cm below the bottle mouth: the lower part will make the bottom of the body, leg and tail part.
The upper part will be used as a body diagram (
After the cover screw is removed).
Cut the lower part of the bottle into 4 equal parts (Fig. 2)
Make three parts of the leg and neck roll.
Flamingos twist like legs, so make the legs as big as the index finger, while the neck is as big as the middle finger (fig 3).
Bend the neck down, then bend up, and place the head on top like a drawing
4, and for the body, you can put some crumpled paper on the top of the bottom of the body (fig. 4).
The bottle you cut has a round shape on the top and can also be used as a body and placed at the bottom of the body.
Some paper is placed in it as weight and the holes can be patched with things that I use in figure 5 that bend like eggshells, because my principle is that as long as I can take advantage of what is wasted, it will make what I want.
The second bottle: wings, head.
Flamingos wings allow them to glide through long flights.
We can use plastic to make flamingos wings.
I found it complicated.
I reviewed the flamingos model over and over, just to make sure that the head I made is similar to the real head.
I used some roll paper and crumpled paper as the head, added the mouth made of small curved plastic cuts, and then glued it with glue at the end of the neck (fig 7). Feet.
Flamingos have net feet and can swim.
You can make your feet in cartons.
The three small sticks stick together to make each toe hard and strong, supporting the whole body when it stands up (Fig 8).
Stick your feet on the flamingo\'s legs and let the glue dry.
After setting all the body parts of the flamingo in the appropriate position, the next step is to cover up (paste)
A thin sheet of white paper or paper towel.
Paste will make every part of it stronger and more attractive when coloring.
Paste must be done patiently.
Paste about three layers of tin paper or paper towel in the whole body with diluted glue, finish layer by layer, and dry layer by layer. Coloring.
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