plastic bottles- destructing the environment since ages ...

by:HongXing     2020-04-25

It seems unthinkable to imagine a day without plastic.Our life is very dependent on plastic, whether carrying bags or utensils.We are so inclined to it that they did not exist even decades ago, which is unthinkable.In the 21 st century, plastic has become an indispensable part of our daily life.Plastic is more deadly than any virus on Earth, and it can lead to 10 centuries of death.Yes, it will take about 1000 for a plastic bottle to degrade.In fact, all Polyethylene produced so far still exists in some form.More than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute.The disappearance of a bottle may take 1000.Is it caused by 1 million bottles of plastic per second?On top of that, you\'ll be shocked to know that a person uses plastic water bottles for an average of 12 minutes.The use of 12 minutes caused a crash on 1000?Yes, that\'s how a water bottle can overcome any epidemic in the world.When it comes to the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, it is not surprising to know that they will surpass all marine species in the ocean in the next 30 years.In the past 7 years, we have produced more than 8 products.Billions of hazardous waste consisting mainly of plastic.Most polyethylene waste is finally buried.From there, they were finally drowned in the water by the rain.This is the place where waste is killing crazily, killing millions of marine life.Sea turtles, whales, seagulls and seabirds are their biggest victims.We all know that plastic is not.It can be biodegradable in nature and taken away by the resulting waste, which is becoming more and more difficult to understand over time.Every year, bottles, cups and utensils made of this deadly substance that covers miles of seawater kill millions of aquatic creatures.Poor management is a big factor in plastic\'s eventual entry into the sea.In addition, the garbage dump blocked the drainage system to prevent the rain from leaking.As a result, the frequency of flooding around the world is growing at an alarming rate.This non-Biodegradable products are undoubtedly one of the largest organisms in nature.This non-Biodegradable substances are one of the most dangerous elements in the world and it is time for us to stop using them in any form.Considering that our dependencies, it is almost impossible to completely abolish them from the word go.We should focus more on it.While looking for a viable alternative, use the same material as much as possible.Create a plasticAs individuals, we must spread awareness to achieve our collective goals.
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