metal, paper, even pasta: how california entrepreneurs are dealing with plastic straw bans

by:HongXing     2020-06-11
Anyone who has been on Facebook for the past few years may see at least one warning story about plastic pop-up in their feed.
Over 32 million people watched the match.
A YouTube video worth watching describes a Good Samaritan taking plastic straws out of the turtle\'s nostrils with pliers.
Sad news the spread of storieshas also includes pilot whales who died after swallowing 17 pounds plastic bags, such as some kind of disastrous Marine Thanksgiving turkey.
Occasionally, the publication also publishes updates on the Pacific Ocean Garbage belt, which is twice as large as the current Texas state between Hawaii and San Francisco.
Stories like this, amazing statistics on plastic pollution, and the rise of single pollution
California cities use plastic bans to stop viewers and readers, worsening the ecological environment
Conscious restaurant owners and bar owners re-evaluate their plastic footprint.
Some well-known companies have turned from plastic straws to plastic straws and started to see the results.
Malibu began the ban on plastic straws, mixers and appliances on June 1, 2018.
Manhattan Beach has unanimously passed a similar ban, demanding a choice by January 1, 2019.
Big cities in California follow suit.
San Francisco\'s plastic straw ban will be finally approved by Governor Jerry Brown and will allow restaurants to comply with the ban by the summer of 2019.
The Alta Group of Daniel Patterson is a high
The profile company that made progress with plastic straws surpassed the upcoming San Francisco ban and made similar efforts at twooaklandanzants.
Beverage Director Aaron Paul has moved most of the group\'s restaurants from plastic straws over the past year, including San Francisco\'s gourmet firm Coi, Aster, Kaya and Besharam, along with Dyafa Auckland.
Meizi bar switch and Alta Adams will provide metal straws when they open in Los Angeles this monthA. this fall.
\"We have been feeling guilty about plastic straws for a while,\" Paul said . \".
\"Over the past year or so, we tried paper and reusable PVC straws, but the user experience of both was poor, so we ended up turning to metal straws.
The organization is worried that customers may leave with their eyes --
But Paul was satisfied with the reservation.
He believed that the client had accepted the appropriate information.
Now keep paper straws for-go orders.
Groups must pay $1 in advance.
$25 to $2 per metal straw, from 2-
But Paul thinks it\'s an investment.
\"Because the metal straw lasts a lot longer, it actually disappears,\" he said . \".
Therefore, there is no need for them to raise the price of drinks.
Twin brothers Mark and Jonnie Houston of the Houston Hotel Los Angeles pole group, switch to paper straws at the end of the year or 2017 months of direct sales and other hot spots such as Harvard and stone, La Descarga, and pour wine.
\"It\'s time to change,\" Mark said . \" He was inspired by Adrian glennier, an actor friend who founded the lonely whale Foundation and the grass-free ocean initiative to counter hundreds of millions of plastic straws used daily in the United StatesS.
Endangering the life of the ocean
In 2017, the two brothers changed from plastic straws to paper straws, about when they launched Black Rabbit roses in Hollywood.
\"We chose to make a difference,\" Mark said.
\"The Houston hotel now pays 4 to 7 cents per paper straw, depending on the size, and the price of the plastic straw is a tenth of a penny.
The brothers are willing to bear the cost by reducing the cost by not providing a straw for each drink, and only do so when requested.
In the case of a bar, the straw for a takeaway drink is not a problem unless people drink in places such as the French Quarter of New Orleans or Las Vegas Avenue, allowing people to stroll with open wine containers in their hands.
Other business owners have become creative about alternatives to plastic straws, turning to straws made of bamboo, plastic and even pasta (
Large picture of bucatini).
There are plenty of straws in the coffee bar and this part of the cooking industry is clearly rethinking plastic.
Even Starbucks plans to phase out plastic straws in more than 28,000 stores around the world by 2020, choosing the built-in plastic cover
Drink the valve.
With the exception of Frappucino, all chilled drinks will come with this cover, which still carries a plastic cover and compostable straw for unclear reasons.
Policy changes can sometimes have unforeseen consequences and, unfortunately, in the discussion of many plastic straw bans, the disabled are not put first.
San Francisco writer Alice Huang wrote a story about diners with certain disabilities (like hers)
With older people and children, straws may be required and should be provided as required.
Otherwise, this single-
The use of a plastic ban may cause anger.
Home of Andy towncoffee baking company InWong
Founder Lauren Crabbe and husband Michael mclowry still provide plastic straws for disabled people who are asking for it.
Otherwise, they will use paper straws in all three locations and sell stainless steel straws for customers who are interested in reuse, which comes with a cleaning brush.
Boba presents a unique challenge due to the large enough selection of smaller straws to accommodate cassava balls placed at the bottom of milk tea and fruit tea, and requires considerable suction to reach the surface.
Boba Guys is an increasingly popular San Francisco bobabrand with branches in both Manhattan and Los Angeles, they are committed to developing alternative products for plastic straws in aMay blog posts
Founder Andrew Chau and Bin Chen spoke at the upcoming plastic straw ban in San Francisco.
The article reads, \"We always think about the long game ---
Our society is sustainable and is always making progress.
When the compostable straw comes out, it raises the price slightly.
At the same time, they are reluctant to use the \"metal straw that will make your teeth pieces \".
The paper melted like the evil witch of the West.
\"Yes, some people have objections to certain paper straws that get wet if they are submerged in liquid for a longer period of time.
According to the data, plastic straws are not the most serious marine pollutants, or even the most common plastic floating at sea, but pollution has never been mutually exclusive.
People still need to solve the wrong plastic problem for the environment.
Culinary professionals and customers must play a key role in any policy or actual change until the United StatesS.
Developing a economies of scale that reduce the price of plastic alternatives, many owners are working on a model that balances business ethics.
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