How to Open Annoying Plastic Containers

by:HongXing     2020-06-10
Why is it not open?
We have all been there. . .
It\'s time for lunch. you\'re starving.
You have been waiting for a lunch break in the morning.
Just wait for you to eat.
You are already very hungry by this time today, so your patience may not be the best.
Take out the salad.
The only thing that makes you happy with the salad is the plastic container.
You try to open the plastic container.
It can\'t be so difficult.
This is a thin piece of plastic and you are an adult with the ability to open the package.
Plastic containers do not move.
You tried to pry the lid open but did not succeed.
You rip the plastic along the side, but that doesn\'t help.
You cut the paper off the top, but damn, this lid is not open!
Do you need help?
Let\'s discuss how to open the annoying plastic container.
Step 1: Look for hidden clues.
When you try to open a plastic container, always look for hidden clues on how to handle this situation.
Many plastic containers now have snapshots, strange clicks, hidden seals, and so on. .
At some point, the company must have determined that government officials may want to take all the food out of the container, clean it, and put top-secret documents in it.
Of course, this may be the only logic that makes it so difficult for these plastic containers to open.
So let\'s say there\'s a good reason behind all of this, just look at the container and see if you need to decompress, loosen, unscrew, or anything else on \"un.
If the plastic container is particularly difficult to open, you can even find instructions on it.
Reading the instructions is helpful in any case, so give it a try.
Step 2: find a stronger person nearby
If possible, see if you can find someone stronger than you are by your side.
If you want to do this at work, it could be a big and strong guy who has been working in your office all the time.
If you don\'t have a big and strong person who has been working in the office all the time, try to find someone who is willing to try it out.
, There is a good chance that you will open this container for you.
Either so, or there will soon be a plastic container that hits the table.
Step 3: start using a lot of dirty words.
OK, this will not open the plastic container, but you will feel much better after doing so.
Make sure to find new ways to use the old favorite dirty word and you can make it a fun experience.
Step 4: break sharp objects.
After nothing else works, sharp objects need to come out.
First, try using scissors.
You may need to pry open the container or cut a part of the plastic to open it. , the better.
Just make sure the scissors stay away from you because you don\'t want to cut it yourself or stab yourself in order to open a plastic container.
If the scissors don\'t work, go get the knife.
Once again, align the knife away from your body.
In order to remove the salad from the plastic container, there is little need to die.
Open the package.
If this method does not work, then the snooping method may work again in this case.
When all else fails, start stabbing the container.
This will not only help you to touch anything in the container, but it will also help you to eliminate attacks on the container.
Now that you \'ve shown it who the boss is, it\'s time to eat. Enjoy! Bonus Advice!
Just in case your problem has nothing to do with annoying plastic containers, but instead your problem revolves around a child proof bottle and I would like to help you as well.
It\'s simple to solve your problem. . That is right.
No one has more skills in opening children\'s explosion-proof bottles than children!
So, find a child and ask the little guy to open the bottle of Tylenol for you.
This is the best advice I can give you!
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