how to oil a husqvarna viking sewing machine

by:HongXing     2020-06-26
Starting from 1972, Viking has made sewing machines that do not require refueling;
However, in order to retain the old Viking sewing machine, such as the Type 2000, grade 20 or Husqvarna Zig-
Zag, working according to specifications, it is recommended to refuel every month.
If your sewing machine was produced before 1972, rub it over the needle rod with your finger to see if it needs to be refuel.
If the oil drops, the machine will not have to refuel.
If it is dry, stop sewing immediately and refuel it to prevent damage to machine parts.
Unplug the sewing machine from the wall socket and place it on the table or countertop in the welllighted area.
Remove the top cover.
For the flat Viking model, gently tilt the sewing machine back and let it lean against the wall or the table while the base remains fixed in the cabinet or suitcase.
Find the page in the sewing machine manual describing various machine parts.
Remove the wire shaft and Shell, press foot, needle and needle board, it is better to put them on the lintfree cloth.
Remove race (
The area where Bobbin and case are located)
And any removable cover around it.
Put them on the cloth.
Use a lint brush to clean the races and areas under the feeding dog.
Remove any threaded pieces wrapped around the spindle or other moving parts.
Turn the steering wheel and put a drop of oil on each moving metal part that touches the other, as well as in the race area.
Try not to get any oil on non
Metal Gear or belt.
Use only pure putty oil as it does not leave sticky residue on machine parts, which can damage the line and fabric. Re-
Assemble only the competition and stitching plates.
Insert the sewing machine into the wall socket and operate for a few minutes without a needle to ensure the oil is fully allocated.
Wipe any oil that may be stained with the machine bed, chassis, table or table top. Needle (do not thread)
Then press the foot back to the sewing machine and sew it on a small piece of fabric to check the oil stains.
If there is oil on the fabric, continue to stitch until the fabric is dry and wipe the machine tool clean after each attempt.
The line of sewing machine and thread shaft.
The machine can now be used.
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