how to make tissue holders out of polluting plastic bottles.

by:HongXing     2020-04-23
From plastic bottles to tissue racks.
This is another center to share ideas on how to transform plastic bottle waste, widely considered to be one of the main causes of environmental pollution, into something useful:Tissue Holder. (
I \'d rather call it rolling
Because it sounds more beautiful, it also means it\'s widely used).
Tools and materials needed. A used-
1500 ml bottles of mineral water.
Tape paper.
Scissors, rubber spatula.
Paint composite powder.
Step by step sandpaper for the project. 1.
Prepare a plastic bottle.
The bottle should be clean, so wash it first to make sure it is clean and safe.
Cut the bottle into three parts and we will use the lower and upper parts.
The lower part is used as a container, and the upper part is used as a lid for tissue brackets.
When you cut the bottle, consider that the size/height of the lower part should not be too short to accommodate the height of the tissue roll we want to put inside. 2.
Prepare pulp.
Soak the waste paper for one or two days, depending on the type of paper you use, the harder it is to soak the paper.
You \'d better tear the paper into small pieces first so you can make the pulp easily.
After soaking for 1 or 2 days, rub the paper to make it even soft and tender.
Add somePVA glue 2 to the pulp (paper pulp): 1 (pva glue)composition.
Mix thoroughly. 3.
Paste up with paper.
Paste the dough on the paper towel.
Apply on the outside, if you are having trouble applying the entire side at the same time because of very soft paper dough, you can apply it on the half side of the bottle first.
After the first paste is slightly hardened, you can continue to paste on the other side and then paste at the bottom.
After completely pasting the entire side wall, let it dry.
It takes a few days to dry completely.
While waiting for the paste to be completely dry, check every day if there is a part that needs to be trimmed, when it is completely hardened, the extra pulp or gently press on other parts to make it more neat. 4.
Accessories for your tissue rack.
Decorations can be made from any material: beads, mosaics, metal, ornamental stones, etc.
Here, considering that it is very flexible to be shaped into many interesting things, I also use pulp to make decorations so that everyone in the House can participate in this project. 5.
Dry the decorations.
It will take another day to watch the pulp dry. 6.
Smooth surface.
Some people like the surface of the holder to look as natural as the dry pulp paper, although it looks rough, but if you want it to look smooth, then you can do it with a composite powder.
Put some grams of composite powder into a small-flat-
Container at the bottom, add some water and mix it fully to make it a light dough.
Apply the dough thin and evenly to the tissue stand using a rubber spatula.
Don\'t go with the bare hands to help apply the dough for a more uniform and tidy application.
The compound stains on your hands can be easily cleaned with tap water. 7. Color It.
Before applying the color to the tissue stand, you \'d better polish it with sandpaper to get a more satisfactory result.
Draw the bracket in any color you like, if you find it not thick enough, repeat the draw app after the first app dries (
Can you see-trough). 8.
How to put paper towels into the bracket.
First pull the tissue core out of the roll, then pull the tip of the tissue roll to the middle, through the exit of the tissue holder cover.
Finally, place the cover of the bracket in place.
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