how to make a light ball from plastic cups

by:HongXing     2019-10-19
The lighting in the room increased the decoration of the room and the atmosphere of the room.
You can make your own fun and trendy light balls with cheap plastic cups and Christmas lights as a decoration for children or teenagers bedrooms or even living rooms.
Make a few light balls for decorative lighting at school balls or birthday parties.
Spray the cup you will use for this project with spray glue-on at a time --
Then flash on the paper tray.
Put the cup aside to dry.
1/2 with soldering iron-
Once all the cups are dry, the inches holes at the bottom of each cup.
Place 12 cups on their sides and hold them together at the edge with clothes pins.
By placing the soldering iron in a cup and melting it through the Cup to the second cup, use the soldering iron near the bottom of the cup to melt the Cup together.
Add a second layer Cup to the top of the first layer;
This layer consists of nine cups.
When you weld the cups to each other and the first layer of the cups, use the clothes clip to fix them in the appropriate position.
Place the last layer of four cups on top of nine Cup layers.
Again, when you weld the clothes, use the clothes clip to fix them in the appropriate position.
After the cup cools, remove all the clothes and hats.
Create the second Cup hemisphere in the same way as creating the first Cup.
Pass the two bulbs through each hole at the bottom of each cup, starting at one end of the chain and working with one hemisphere.
Starting with one of the 12 Cup layers, zig-
Turn up and down as you push the bulb through. Repeat bulb-
With the push process of another hemisphere, this time begins at the other end of the light.
Put the two halves together, and once each cup has two bulbs, make sure that the plug of the lamp is glued to the outside of the ball.
Weld two halves together to make the ball.
Weld the edges of the cups together and strengthen the light ball where they naturally touch.
Weld a hole through two adjacent cups, a little under their rims, and slide S-
Through the hole hook.
Clothes on that end of the hook with pliers.
Slide one end of the chain to the other end of the hook and close the end with pliers.
The end of the second S slides
Hook the other end of the chain and close it with pliers.
Hang your light ball with the other end of the hook.
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