How Sunday school students are giving new life to plastic bottle caps

by:HongXing     2020-06-03
Main day school students in Cornwall River Union ChurchE. I.
, Is learning to give new life to old plastic.
All the students there are cleaning up ditches, courtyards and picking up trash around the community as part of a bigger lesson on protecting the environment.
Now, they are ahead on a special project: creating a huge piece of art with an old cap.
The wave of long guards who have been away from plastic bags has changed tons of plastic agricultural film from P. E. I.
This is their landfill.
Andrea Rogers, coordinator of the Ministry of Family and Youth at the church, said: \"I personally did not stick a cap on this artwork, nor did I have any teachers . \".
After a teacher found a bag of caps in the church, the project began.
Teachers and students think they must have something to do with it, rather than throwing them out.
At that time, they had the idea of creating murals.
They looked at several pictures of possible art works online, and the students chose a hand with different colors towards its Earth.
\"Make it better,\" \"They really took control of that and then took part in the whole process from hat classification to color,\" Rogers said, \"make sure they\'re clean, then draw on the large piece of cardboard and now stick them on it. \".
Throughout November, the church made several calls on Facebook to ask people in the community to put caps on the project.
After hours of hard work
The 4 feet square mural is almost finished now.
\"Each hand is a different color, representing cultural diversity and the inclusion we want to embody and live in our own lives,\" Rogers said . \".
Putting students in charge of such projects gives them all the information about recycling plastics and other waste, Rogers said.
\"We can look at this piece of garbage and think, \'this is not garbage, why should we throw it away?
How can we do better? \'\" she said.
\"It really taught them to focus on our environment.
We are creating the world for them and they are taking it and saying \"this is ours \".
We want it to be better than what we found. \'\"More P. E. I.
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