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by:HongXing     2020-08-14
To save our planet, we do a better job of recycling and reusing our products.
But, let\'s face it, there are things like plastic wrap, bags that can be re-sealed, and even aluminum foil that are almost impossible to reuse.
Most towns want clean aluminum foil, which means that 90% of the aluminum foil used by most families cannot be recycled.
All of these bags and plastic wrap were thrown into the trash can and blocked our landfill.
Recently, the company has been developing so-
It is called a disposable plastic container that can be reused.
They have a small \"recyclable\" symbol on them, but there are very few facilities to recycle No. 5 plastics.
Where will they end up? In landfills.
The small number on the triangle contained in most plastic products clearly indicates whether the product can be recycled. Yes, No.
Plastics are considered recyclable, but most municipal recycling projects only accept No. 1 and No. 2 products.
One more thing to consider: Although we are all good Samaritans who recycle everything in the sun, the market for recyclable items is almost saturated.
The municipalities are not being recycled but are in stock
Pile up tons of plastic, glass bottles and containers and wait for the day someone really wants them.
Finally, the result is the same: a landfill filled with glass and plastic.
So, what is the answer?
Buy something that you don\'t need to throw away after a few uses.
The best way to store green food is to use high-
Quality food storage containers that will last for many years.
This is the way we store our food before it is convenient to exceed common sense. Long-
When Earl Tupper realized that the invention of a new plastic polyethylene could mean the beginning of a major event, the long-lasting plastic container began in 1945.
He began to produce plastic bathroom cups of various colors and then introduced the bowl with cover.
Many innovations have taken place over the years, and now more and more varieties and versatility are included in today\'s container selection.
You name it and you can find a container that can store it ----
It takes much longer than the old container.
Many companies have come up with their own plastic container series to compete with the famous Tupperware, which is still the industry standard even after more than 60 years.
Recently, one-time containers have appeared.
Thank God, eco-
Friendly awareness brings back some common sense, and more people recognize not only the economic benefits of buying good food containers, but also the environmental benefits.
In fact, a major university is urging students to use reusable food containers and throw away disposable food containers that are popular in dormitoriesliving set.
More and more glass containers have appeared, but many mothers are worried that the glass will break.
You won\'t send five-year-
Old, glass container full of carrot sticks for class.
Plastic storage containers are the most eco-friendly and safe choice.
In today's world, have risen to an unexpected level of plastic food container storage. It has gained a lot of popularity and has come up with different kinds of variations in its content.
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The development of plastic food container storage plastic food containers products has massive potential for expansion.
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