Mini Insulated Soup Cup, Milk Cereal Breakfast Cup

Mini Insulated Soup Cup, Milk Cereal Breakfast Cup

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Hongxing daily necessities manufacturer is a company engaged in the foreign trade industry for 21 years. It has rich experience in foreign trade. It focuses on providing customers with the best quality service and supports privately customized product gift box packaging.


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Soup cups available in blue, green, white, pink and yellow


This is a soup cup with five styles for consumers to choose from, and the five styles are only different in color but not functional. This soup cup is small in size, with a capacity of only 580 ml. Although the capacity of the product is not large, it is highly portable and can be easily put into any size backpack.

1. After the lid of this lunch box is opened, there is a compartment in which the folding spoon that comes with the lunch box can be placed. It has a bulging snap on its sleek surface that holds the plastic handle for the soup cup. You can pick up the soup cup by the handle.



2. There is a thickened and sealed inline silicone ring in the lid of the soup cup, which can effectively improve the air tightness and waterproof performance of the product. The product has two inner liner for consumers to choose: one is made of 304# stainless steel, and the other is an ordinary plastic inner layer. Relatively speaking, the inner tank made of stainless steel has the best heat preservation effect, and the heat preservation time can reach 1 to 3 hours.



3. The soup cup with the ordinary plastic liner can be heated in the microwave oven, but the stainless steel liner cannot. You can put milk oatmeal, eight-treasure porridge, soy milk or some tomato soup in the soup cup; this soup cup can be used as a breakfast cup, or you can take it with you to various places as a lunch box. If you are interested in our company's products, please focus on our company's official website.

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 Carton size48.0*38.5*47.0CM,0.087CBM/CTN

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