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by:HongXing     2020-04-27
You may have seen in recent national headlines that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The position has been changed.
They once again expressed concern about the possible health risks associated with bisolsA (BPA)
The ingredients of plastic bottles and food packaging found in seven plastic types declared safe before 2008.
Have you checked the bottom of the plastic water bottle or other plastic beverage and food container you use every day, there are six different types of plastic resin that are usually used to package water and beverage container food and household products.
In the 1980s S, the plastics industry association created a digital coding system.
The identification coding system at the bottom of most plastic bottles and packages is provided below. 1 (PETE)
Pet (PET)-
Used for: Most bottled water, soda, cooking oil, juice, salad dressing, peanut butter, and other safest plastic food: as long as they are not heated and not used or reused (
Up to 2 months from date of bottle considered safe).
These unsafe conditions cause the plasticizer chemical to be called O-benzene ester.
Recycling use: fiber filling of pillows, quilts and jackets, transparent sheets of VCR and tapes, back to bottle market 2 (HDPE)High-
Density Polyethylene-
For: milk jug, one gallon water bottle, laundry liquid bottle, oil bottle, some bottled food, plastic bag for toys.
These plastics are generally considered safe.
Recycling: plastic pipes, wood, flower pots, trash cans, non-food application bottles 3 (V or PVC)
For: plastic wrap, 4 ounces.
Spring water, blister packaging (plant oil bottle)pharmaceutical)
Some plastic squeeze bottles. 4 (LDPE)Low-
Density Polyethylene-
For: food storage bags (Glad & Ziplock)
, Shrink packaging, clothing bags.
Cooked food soup containers, most rubber containers, cloudy plastic baby bottles, tomato sauce bottles, and other cloudy plastic bottles. 6 (PS)Polystyrene -
For: most opaque plastic tableware and disposable plates and cups, foam plastic, meat packaging, protective packaging.
Recycling use: generally not recycled;
Recommended plastic to avoid 7 (OTHER)
Plastics are usually polycarbonate and contain double phenol. A (BPA)-
For: most plastic baby bottles, five gallon water bottles, re-
Sports bottles available, clear plastic \"suction cup\", clear plastic tableware of certain types, lining of food cans.
Recycling use: no recycling potential, must be land-filled, a suggested plastic to avoid seeing recent U. S. News articles
The Environmental Protection Bureau reflected on plastics. . .
Use and storage of bottled water. . .
Repeated use of water bottles is terrible for your body;
Studies have shown that when you reuse the bottle, there is a build-up of dangerous bacteria in the bottle and in the bottle.
When it is worn out or scratched, more toxins are discharged, polluting water or drinks.
Stay away from cleaning compounds, paint, gasoline or other household or industrial chemicals.
Do not store it in a garage or in direct sunlight.
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