Energy Conservation: Starting At HomeTips for Reducing Your Home Energy Use

by:HongXing     2020-07-07
More than a dozen states have adopted ambitious targets to cut energy use.
I have one of the most radical plans in my hometown of Maryland.
Governor, this spring
Martin O\'Malley signed a law requiring a 15% reduction in per capita electricity usage over the next seven years.
If successful, Maryland will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a cleaner environment.
These efforts will also reduce the country\'s demand for new power stations and transmission lines.
While no one will be rewarded for a 15% reduction or punished for not achieving it, it is an important effort.
In order to achieve this goal, the local public utilities are required to develop a protection plan.
Public education programs will also be launched to encourage Country 5.
6 million residents reduced electricity consumption at home.
I asked an energy.
Efficiency experts come to my 100. year-
Old partition House in Washington, D. C. C.
Tell me what I can do to reduce my electricity consumption.
Jennifer Thorne Oman, from the US energy conservation economic commission, happily accepted the challenge.
This is what she found when she crossed my house: insulation and cracks a lot of energy flows out of cracks around doors and windows, through poorly insulated walls and ceilings.
Thorne Oman suggested that I use a candle or candle to look for a wasted draft by following the smell of smoke.
She told me that I could buy a sealant to stop these ventilation for less than $20 and save on heating and cooling.
She also said that for $250 to $500, I could hire a contractor to install a gadget called a blower door at my front door.
The device sucks air from the house and helps to identify large leaks.
In a typical home, electric lights consume about 10% of the electricity.
I replaced a lot of incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These energy-
Efficient bulb use 1-
Fourth, the electricity used by incandescent lamps.
But I have about 10 fixtures on the dimmer.
Standard CFLs don\'t work there.
At my local hardware store, the price of dimmable CFLs is $17.
These fixtures are not used much in my home, so I may not be able to recover the cost of these bulbs.
Thorne Amann says prices should fall as a new federal law eventually eliminates incandescent lamps. I\'ll wait.
My refrigerator is 11 years old.
This seems to be a good alternative as refrigerators produced after 2001 are 30% more efficient than the old model.
But we checked the numbers and found that my old fridge was actually pretty good.
I will save a little energy cost but not enough to make up for the purchase price of the new fridge.
The old fridge in my basement is another matter.
If I use it for a new model, I save $100 a year on electricity and 6% less on home use.
However, to see these savings I had to buy a new refrigerator for $450 --
It\'s a painful move in the short term, but it\'s worth it in the long run.
Electronic choice electronics typically consume up to a quarter of home power.
Especially electrical appliances such as TV sets and cable boxes can always absorb energy.
Since I don\'t have a TV or cable box, I avoid these charges.
However, when I visited my neighbor\'s house, I found that the power of a normal TV was about 60 watts, even if it was turned off most of the time.
Also, drawing \"Phantom Power\" is anything with a charger that can be plugged in from your phone to your laptop.
So Thorne Oman suggested that I unplug these \"bricks\" when they don\'t actually work.
I\'m even worth unplugging my plastic toothbrush holder, which consumes two watts of power.
It may not sound like much, but it is more energetic than the lights in my bathroom.
Heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment is usually the largest home energy user.
My system failed last fall.
When I bought a new one, I spent thousands of dollars to get the most effective model on the market.
It may not be a smart investment from a strict dollar and cents perspective, but I did it anyway to reduce the \"carbon footprint\" of my family \".
\"Thorne Oman said that even with the new system, I can save energy by making sure the pipeline is tightly attached (
Not the standard \"tape\" but the special metal sealing tape).
To save energy, I can also consider insulating the pipe.
It turns out that the water heater is a monster in my house.
It consumes 35% of my electricity. (
Thorne Amann calculates its consumption by looking at my model specifications, which is not easy to calculate for most people.
That\'s one reason why it might be worth using expert services. )
I can buy an electric heater that is a little more efficient or I can save a lot of electricity
And carbon emissions
If I change to gas
Thorne Oman told me that I can save it by switching to low
Wash my clothes in cold water.
BehaviorThorne Amann said that my family and I can also change some of the daily behaviors at home to reduce electricity consumption.
For example, instead of a hair dryer, we can dry our clothes out to dry.
I can set our thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter.
I can remind kids to turn them off without using lights and computers.
LineI at the bottom can be changed by simple steps such as low installation
Flow shower head and compact fluorescent bulb.
But if I want to reach Maryland\'s goal of cutting 15%, I have to invest a few hundred dollars in the new fridge.
By replacing the water heater, I can go further and even cut my electricity bill by half.
In four to six years, these investments are likely to pay for themselves.
After that, the electricity bill will also remain low.
Here are some specific ways to reduce household energy use that can reduce monthly electricity bills and environmental impacts.
Unplug the wire: Unplug anything with the power \"Brick (
Box on power cord)
If you don\'t use it.
This includes wires such as mobile phone chargers and laptop chargers.
Even if your gadget is not inserted, the brick will consume energy.
TVs and similar devices also power off when they are off, so if you don\'t use them often, unplug them.
Big TV can power like a refrigerator.
Replace the bulb: a small fluorescent bulb saves costs quickly and easily.
The quality of light has improved over the past few years, but you may need to try some brands before finding your favorite brands.
Measure your use: buy or borrow an electric energy meter.
Using this cheap device, which can be bought for only $20, is an easy way to calculate Plug Power
Consumption in household appliances.
If you find that a device consumes too much energy, it may be worth investing more energy --Efficient mode.
Looking for the \"Energy Star\" logo: a home appliance store with the Energy Star logo, which means that the product meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and the United StatesS.
Department of Energy.
The appliance with this logo is more efficient than the basic model.
Consider gas: switching from an electric water heater to a gas water heater can save energy, often reducing bills and reducing carbon dioxide in the environment.
Seal your pipe: Make sure your pipe is tightly sealed as energy can be wasted from the cracks.
Insulation on the pipe is also helpful.
Use the fan: Use the ceiling fan instead of turning off the thermostat and only turn the fan on when people are in the room.
Source: Jennifer Thorne Oman
The author of The Guide to household energy conservation consumption.
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