drinks maker watsons water offers cash coupons in effort to get hong kong public to recycle plastic bottles at reverse vending machines

by:HongXing     2020-05-02
Hong Kong people will soon receive greater financial rewards to recycle the single
According to one of the largest beverage manufacturers in Hong Kong, the use of plastic bottles is also planned to provide more water dispensers.
To educate the public on reducing plastic waste, Watsons Water announced on Wednesday that it will launch 400 reverse vending machines for water bottles.
The machine can collect all brands of up to 1,000 bottles, ranging in volume from 230 to 1 bottle. 8 litres.
\"We don\'t want this project to be a business project.
Everyone has a responsibility to recycle and that\'s why we didn\'t pick out the brand.
However, all of this is welcome. we only start with water bottles . \"S.
Michelle Chan, managing director, Watson
May revealed that the company hopes to expand the move to other beverage sectors.
After putting the bottle into the machine, the user will receive a coupon or a gift redemption.
Edmond Yu Tak said: \"All they have to do is download the \'Fund\' mobile app
Chiu, general manager of Watsons Water marketing.
\"Register, scan the member code on the machine, then scan the barcode on the water bottle, and then process it in it.
\"For each Watsons Water bottle, they will get 5 points and with only 25 points they will be able to get HK $50 online cash vouchers for places like ParknShop, one of the partners of our project. ”While non-
Members can also use these machines and they will not be able to collect points.
Yu Minhong said the lack of incentives is responsible for the low recovery rate of a single product
Drink bottles.
\"Not many people recycle because they think, \'What does that mean to me?
\"Or sometimes they would rather just throw the bottle in the nearest trash bin rather than wait until they pass through the next recycle bin,\" he said . \".
\"Convenience is the key, followed by incentives.
That\'s why we have introduced a redemption system to provide rewards-something that is not available in traditional recycling bins.
At the same time, the company also plans to launch 100 recharged machines to sell 100 at HK $1 in six years
During the monthly pilot period, consumers are encouraged to bring their own bottles.
Under its Go Green Project, the water dispenser sets the target for a single recovery rate
Water bottles produced using it in the next five years will reach 100 and will reach by 2029.
In 2016, the daily processing capacity of urban solid waste was 10,345 tons, up 1 year on year.
According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, this proportion will be 8 from 2015.
Plastic is third.
The largest category after food waste and paper, the daily processing capacity is 2,132 tons, that is, 20 tons.
6 of the total.
At least 50 schools, social businesses, management companies and retailers have agreed to join the program.
Two of the machines will debut next month along the route of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, and will install more than 10 dispensers in different forts, as early, best and Watsons have retail stores in Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, Central and Huangpu.
This article drinks maker Watsons Water offers cash coupons in an attempt to get the Hong Kong public to recycle plastic bottles at reverse vending machines. This latest news first appeared in the South China Morning Post to download our mobile app. Copyright 2019.
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