downton abbey: plastic bottle appears in promotional photo

by:HongXing     2020-05-14
The producer of Downton manor was left red.
After a modern plastic bottle appeared in a promotional photo of the costume drama, he faced it.
Sitting on the mantel behind Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael, the eagle found the bottle --
When the picture is posted on Instagram, keep an eye on the fans.
Plastic bottles were not widely used in the UK until 1960 s-
36 years after the release of the new series Downton manor.
The image was later deleted from Instagram and ITV news sites.
But a fan offers a potential opportunity.
During the program producer out terms.
\"It\'s clear that the Crawley family invented water bottles, and that\'s how they support the property,\" Diana Pearl wrote on Twitter . \".
Downton manor employs his own expert, Alastair Bruce, who is responsible for historical accuracy and etiquette.
But this is not the first historical drama in the series, with TV antennas, double yellow lines and even the modern Conservatory of Music in previous episodes.
The audience also complained that language did not meet the trend of the times.
Including 1960 phrases such as \"stuffed\" or \"knotted-
Appears in the script.
But writer Julian ferros has made a strong defense of the show, saying he thinks \"the show is very accurate \".
\"The real problem is people who don\'t feel safe in society, and he says:\" They think they advertise their own poshness by picking holes in the project, and show that their knowledge is richer than yours to show how smart they are.
The new series of Downton Abbey will begin in September, with producers promising that the atmosphere of the monastery will be much easier than last year.
The fourth season saw the Crawley family torn apart by the death of Dan Stevens\'s character Matthew, while a controversial rape storyline caused hundreds of complaints.
But executive producer Liz troughbridge says the audience can sing again in season 5.
\"The last series was broadcast directly after Matthew\'s death and we couldn\'t have a good time,\" she said . \".
\"We haven\'t had it this year.
\"You will be happy to hear that there is a huge competition again between Mary and Edith.
However, her producer, Gareth Neame, promised there would still be \"right\"
The angle moment you don\'t want to happen \".
\"In all of our series, there is a good combination of high drama and laughter, and there must be this combination this time,\" he added . \".
The first episode of season 5 was presented to the media on Thursday, containing the usual secret mix.
Planning, temptation and deception.
The plan, scheduled for 1924, reflects the election of Britain\'s first Labor government --
It shocked the Crawley couple, who thought the socialist ruling party would start dismantling their property.
\"People upstairs think this is a direct threat to their way of life,\" Neame said . \".
\"The characters below the stairs think this is an opportunity for a huge change.
The first episode also saw a dramatic night.
The time fire of the monastery, when the occupants fled for safety, several secrets were leaked.
Trubridge said the production team was asked to make a set of replicas for the sequence at Ealing Studios because it was too risky to shoot a fire at the Castle of highclear --
Hampshire manor where the show is usually filmed.
\"Because this is a solemn home, we cannot set it on fire --
Owners do not want their house to be damaged by smoke.
\"The new series also saw a lot of will --they-won\'t-
Their relationship.
Mrs. Mary (
Michelle dokery)
Izabel Crawley (Penelope Wilton)
Tom Branson (Allen Leach)
All advances received from potential partners.
Meanwhile, Anna Bates, the lady\'s maid (Joanne Froggatt)
Still struggling to accept the mysterious death of her rape and the man who attacked her.
Last year, the harrowing attack triggered more than 200 complaints from media regulator Ofcom, but the show was broadcast after the nine o\'clock P. M. watershed and did not violate broadcasting regulations.
Frogart said she was not personally criticized by the public.
\"The response to the storyline is positive,\" she said . \".
\"I have heard from some women who have experienced similar experiences who feel that Anna is a role they can relate.
\"This is very touching for me.
It was a touching experience.
\"In the new series, it\'s still hard for her character to imagine a physical relationship with her husband John (Brendan Coyle)
And close any suggestions for building a family.
At the same time, some servants suspect that John is responsible for the death of the person who attacked her.
But frogart insists her role is not one of them.
\"I don\'t think Anna thought Bates was a serial killer for a moment,\" she said . \".
\"As an audience, I want Anna and Bates to see a difference from what I want as an actor because you like drama, but it\'s important to have a happy time between the two.
\"They get happy and positive moments, but it\'s not an easy journey.
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