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by:HongXing     2020-04-25

Don\'t throw away those empty plastic soda and water bottles, be creative and make beautiful home and garden projects.Keep the bottle intact or made of plastic;Either way, you can decorate the plastic with permanent marking, painting or acrylic craft paint to disguise the original bottle.Divide an empty plastic water bottle vertically into three parts.Draw the top and bottom with one color and draw the center part with a contrast color.After the paint is dry, cut the third piece of the center into 3/4-Use the increment of the inch width of the craft knife to make the \"wings\" of the spinner \".Press the top of the bottle to push down 3/4-Wide strip in outward inches.Pinch the center of each piece and crease on the wind rotor.Squeeze the top and bottom of each bar at a relative 45-Help the wings catch the angle of the wind.Feed wild birds in your home with a bird feeder made of empty plastic water or water bottles.Decorate the outside of the bottle in bright colors to attract birds.Cut two small openings across the bottle, 1 inch from the bottom, allowing the birds to touch the seeds.Drill a small hole under each hole and insert a 1/8-Inch diameter pin, through the relative hole, 2 inch longer than the width of the bottle.Position the stakes so that the birds have 1-Inches of wood below each feeding point.Insert lines through the top of the spiral to hang the feeder.Remove the label sleeve or paper from the outside of the empty plastic bottle and cut the bottle along the seam.Press the plastic into thin slices, track the image on the plastic, and cut it with sharp scissors.Make flowers for art bouquets, decorative plant markers, or whimsical hummingbirds, flying around a mobile phone or a set of wind chimes.Draw the cut with acrylic or spray paint, color with sparkling glue, or flatEnhance the design using waterproof craft glue.Decorate the water bottle with paint, rhinestones, glitter, or branches to make a horizontal title for a set of wind chimes.Cut and decorate the creative shape from the empty plastic water bottle and hang it on the Wind Bell.You can also fully decorate and hang smaller bottles from larger soda bottles.The fishing line can hang the cut-out of the bottle or horizontal soda bottle.Add craft bells, beads and crystals to each chain to add size, music and color to plastic bottle wind chimes.
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