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by:HongXing     2019-10-22
MHOW: six girls studying in class 6, Government Women\'s Middle School, Gautampura town, about 45 kilometers from Indore, have started a unique campaign on environmental protection and public health.
They are approaching tea merchants in town, asking them not to drink tea in plastic cups, but with Glass glasses or paper cups.
Asha, Arti, Teena, Lalita, Khushbu and Shreyanshi entered the town market on Sunday with placards in their hands.
The information on the board is directed at tea suppliers and asks them not to use plastic cups because it can cause cancer.
The girls also explained how to use plastic cups.
The appeal on the placard was written in the same way that the student submitted the application to the school principal.
This letter was written to Chai Val Beyer, with the team leader 11-year-
Old Heena Yadav, the daughter of a milkman.
Heena told TOI that when she went to school with her friends, they saw people drinking tea in plastic cups every day.
They also called on other traders and shopkeepers not to sell their goods in plastic bags.
She said that she read in the newspaper that if hot tea is served with a plastic cup, the plastic marks in the cup will melt and mix with the tea, the combination of the two is a cancer --causing agent.
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