brush up your deburring: automated deburring with nylon abrasive filament brushes generates a payback measured in quality and productivity gains. (tech notebook).

by:HongXing     2020-06-26
Over the past 1990 years, manufacturers have spent billions of dollars to automate and improve processing.
In most cases, these investments are made to reduce direct labor content and improve the quality of parts.
In the new environment, high
The production speed of the tolerance parts is unimaginable ten years ago.
Although great progress has been made in machining, the auxiliary process of burrs removal has received relatively little attention.
When the machining process controls the part geometry more critically and consumes more direct labor, it seems ridiculous to try to improve the burrs.
It\'s common to see accuracy-
Machining parts with manual files and power supplytool-
Drive grinding products.
The disadvantage of manual burrs removal is that the edges and surfaces define the interaction between the part and its environment.
Although existing machining methods can quickly produce parts with perfect size, poor burrs removal methods can increase expensive direct labor and produce inconsistent parts, which may result in parts scrapping or performance
The reason for automatically implementing an automatic burr removal solution using nylon grinding brush can eliminate the technical gap between the burr removal and the machining process.
In many cases, implementation is fast and easy, and can be measured in terms of productivity and quality gains, generating simple returns.
Recently, the manufacturer has focused on improving the burrs removal process with the following motivation: * reducing the direct labor content: the secondary burrs removal operation increases the direct and indirect labor costs of the finished product.
Reducing these inputs can provide important financial reasons for automatic burrs removal.
Further justification is that it is difficult to attract and retain competent manufacturing personnel to create positions that are considered dirty and demeaning.
* Reduce scrap, rework and parts changes: Changes are at the heart of the instability of the manufacturing process.
While the consistency of the parts from the machining process can be very high, anything can happen for a part, it is manually burrs removed.
Since manual burrs are at the end of the manufacturing process, it can be very expensive.
Scrapping original castings due to size problems is not as expensive as scrapping mechanical parts that withstand \"burrs on Friday afternoon.
\"* Elimination of MSDs: muscle-Skeletal-Disorders (MSD)
Such as CarpalTunnel syndrome has become a mainstream problem in manufacturing. OSHA (
Occupational Safety and Health Authority)
Congress has also threatened to pass legislation aimed at repetitive movement disorders like manual burrs.
For multiple reasons, the nylon grinding brush is usually selected for the automatic burrs removal process.
* Low funding requirements. In-
Machine De-burrs using CNC machining centers to remove burrs at the end of the machining process are the cheapest automatic de-burrs method.
For the cost of a brush and some programming time, users can build an automated burrs removal process in a few hours.
* The size of the part remains unchanged.
Nylon grinding fine silk bristles meet the requirements of the burrs tool to selectively highlight the edge of the part.
While the filaments in the nylon grinding brush perform very positively when applied to the edge, their aggression on a flat surface decreases.
So they refine the surface finish without changing the part size, making them better than many aggressive grinding products.
The selective cutting action of nylon grinding brushes is due to their pressure sensitivity.
When the filament passes through the edge, the cutting pressure is high due to the small contact area.
However, when the same filament begins to move on a flat surface, the pressure drops sharply.
Therefore, the brush used to produce 0.
The 015 \"radius can also be used to reduce the surface finish to less than 20 micro-inch Ra.
* Improved surface finish.
In most applications.
Nylonabrasve brushes reduces the surface finish generated by the machining process.
When the nylon wire moves on the surface, they archive the rough peaks in the surface profile.
This is beneficial for parts that require lubrication, as improvements in surface finish do not require a reduction in the ability of the surface to maintain the lubricant.
* Easy to implement on CNC machine.
Generally, by copying existing machining procedures and making minor changes, nylon wear brushes can be realized in CNC equipment.
For example, the tool path of the disk brush is very similar to the tool path of the face grinding.
The main differences are parameters: spindle speed, feed speed and interference depth (
Similar to cutting depth).
In some operations, it is necessary to perform two passes on the part opposite the direction of the brush rotation.
* Unlike cutting tools, the nylon grinding brush does not require precise positioning.
The consistency of the brushes makes them very tolerant.
Usually, the positioning is within 0.
The 020 \"of the ideal allocation will produce acceptable results.
Although the acceptability of this window varies by brush size and application, most of the operation windows are large and do not require a lot of programming time to implement.
* Brush burrs work well in a single part flow unit.
Many burrs removal techniques involve batch and queuing processes, which extend the manufacturing lead time and increase the workload in the process.
In contrast, brushdeburring is often combined with upstream processes to reduce the complexity and cost of the entire process.
* Track completed parts.
Automatic burrs with brushes are often communicated
Complete with equipment connected to upstream pro
Success of single part flow pool.
This creates a single point of accountability for the portfolio process and encourages overall optimization of quality and productivity.
If the operation of machining and burrs is treated as independent operation
A process in which natural trends are optimized separately.
While this approach can produce positive results, it rarely results in an optimized overall system, especially since optimized processing creates additional cost and quality issues that may not be measurable
The combination process allows accountability for productivity and quality at some point in the organization.
* Low energy demand.
The recent energy disaster affecting the west coast has led many manufacturing managers to consider energy issues in their decisions. making process.
When considering the energy cost, the brush de-burrs look particularly attractive relative to the competitive de-burrs technology.
Unlike traditional grinding products, the speed is not better when using nylon grinding brushes.
Speed can have many harmful effects on brush performance.
First, the nylon carrier is heat sensitive and can be weakened or melted by heat accompanied by speeding.
Secondly, speed causes the filament to bounce from the workpiece, rather than wiping and filing on the edge and surface of the part.
This weakens aggression.
To prevent these problems, nylon wear brushes should be operated at a surface speed below 3,500 sfm.
2,500 sfm is a good starting point for most applications.
When you choose to use a brush for an hour, using the largest brush is a good rule of thumb, which is actually possible.
Generally speaking, a large diameter brush can provide better production stabilitycost-per-
Partial and shorter cycle times. Weiler Corp.
Cresco, PA or circle305 small hole burrs put forward their own special requirements for brush head selection.
While the brush can be an effective tool for drilling holes to clean and remove minor burrs within the holes, holes less than 1.
It is difficult to remove burrs with a brush.
In contrast, holes larger than 1.
5 \"you can often use a bunch of nylon grinding wheel brushes to remove burrs very successfully.
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