bring back drinking fountains to cut plastic bottle waste ...

by:HongXing     2020-04-28
Activists urged that the water dispenser must be brought back to help solve the garbage problem in the UK.
Keeping the UK clean and tidy, only about the population uses public water dispensers, while the number of people spending money on expensive and environment-friendly plastic bottles is four times that of the former. Britons use 7. 7bn single-
Plastic water bottles are used every year and less than half of the recycled bottles mean 16 million bottles per day in the UK.
But the charity\'s new report found that due to the lack of public water dispensers and taps at train stations and bus stations, many felt obliged to buy water, airports and highway service stations when they were out.
Water dispensers used to be common, but concerns about hygiene have disappeared from public streets, parks and buildings in recent years.
Charities have found that even if they do exist, little information is provided to allow the public to plan them by bringing reusable bottles. Allison Ogden-
Newton Chief Executive Officer, who kept the UK clean, said: \"The report shows that the British public wants to get more tap water when going out and out. “Topping-
Packed in a glass or filling bottle will encourage us to stay healthy while helping to reduce the trash on the streets, parks and beaches, and it\'s all good.
Charities are calling for traffic websites or tickets to include information on places where water is supplied free of charge and footprints stickers should be used on sidewalks to guide people to the nearest facilities.
The charity also found that teachers believed that the lack of water dispensers would encourage students to buy unhealthy carbonated drinks.
The law requires that all schools must provide drinking water to students at all times, but a survey found that one out of every five teachers felt that their school did not meet this requirement.
It is estimated that nearly half of students usually drink bottled water or less healthy drinks instead of using the school\'s water supply facilities.
\"Our school should set an example for young people and always offer an easy-to-close choice of taps --
Mrs. Ogden added: \"There is water in addition to other bottled drinks . \"Newton.
\"In this way, those who wish to use the filling bottle for the tap --Water can do this.
Of course, where young people choose to drink other drinks, we believe that schools should promote the need to effectively capture and recycle all bottles and other single drinksuse containers.
\"Businesses are also encouraged to allow the public access to their water supply facilities and to fill bottles outside their homes.
At present, free drinking water is provided on request in licensed places including bars, theaters and restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales, although they can charge for the use of glass.
But only one quarter of people knew about the law and only one in ten used the facilities on a regular basis.
A survey found that if tap water was free or they knew that businesses would be willing to refill bottles, 59 people were more likely to carry reusable water bottles.
Alice Harlock of recycling said: the number of plastic bottles that are not recycled is amazing, and the number will increase further if we don\'t take action.
\"Every plastic bottle is important.
We ask people to think more about what they can recycle every time they go to the trash can to put things in.
\"The Metropolitan Drinking Water Foundation and the Cattle Trough Association 1859, which established the first public fountain in London, still provide grants to maintain water supply facilities.
Its website also offers the location of the London water dispenser.
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