Best 4-in-1 Simple Seasoning Box Oem With Good Price

Best 4-in-1 Simple Seasoning Box Oem With Good Price

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Hongxing daily necessities manufacturer is a company engaged in the foreign trade industry for 21 years. It has rich experience in foreign trade. It focuses on providing customers with the best quality service and supports privately customized product gift box packaging.


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Four unity seasoning box contracted style


The unity of the four seasoning box adopts advanced material of PP and PS.It not only environmental security, in line with international standards;And the design of appearance with contracted style, the beauty is generous.

1. It has two styles of white+gray and white+yellow for consumers to choose. The difference between the two styles is only the color of the lid of the seasoning box, other than that, there is no functional difference. This four-in-one seasoning box presents a simple style overall, with a delicate ivory white texture, which can be matched with any style of kitchen, making the overall environment of the kitchen more fashionable and high-end.


2. This seasoning box adopts a split tank design, and there are a total of four seasoning boxes that can store commonly used seasonings in the kitchen. The oil, salt, sauce and vinegar you usually use for cooking can be put into different seasoning boxes.


3. This seasoning box adopts the design of one box and one spoon. When you need the seasoning boxes, just gently take them out of the storage rack. Then you open the lid of the box and scoop out the MSG you need with the spoon that comes with the seasoning box. This seasoning box has double protection of the box cover and the storage rack, which can effectively prevent insects and moisture, and extend the service life of the seasoning.


4. This condiment box with its own storage base allows different condiments to be placed in their respective places. With it, kitchen storage will be easier. A less cluttered kitchen countertop puts you in a better mood to cook.


5. The cleaning of this product is extremely easy. Both the appearance and inner material of the seasoning box are made of PP. High-grade materials and excellent craftsmanship bring a smooth and delicate texture, which prevents stains and condiments from sticking to the surface of the seasoning box, and also makes cleaning easier. If you are interested in our company's products, please focus on our company's official website.

 ITEM NOHX0044622


 Carton size54.0*36.0*60.0CM,0.117CBM/CTN

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