at trichy central bus stand? get rewarded for recycling ...

by:HongXing     2020-05-09
Trish: On Sunday, the city\'s first reverse vending machine to collect and recycle used plastic bottles was launched at Trish central bus station.
The machine installed at bus station Coimbatore bay will accept used plastic bottles and in return it will provide a glass of drinking water or a free mobile charging option based on the user\'s request.
Trish is associated with Salem.
Start the start of the plastic bottle reverse vending machine according to the estimated cost of Rs 1. 8 lakh.
When the user stores plastic bottles in the machine, he or she can choose one of the following options-
A glass of mineral water, free mobile charging for 10 minutes or no return option.
The aim of the initiative is to educate people on how to safely dispose of plastic bottles.
The reverse vending machine has a monitor on which we will play a waste management awareness video, said the company\'s commissioner, N. Ravichandran.
The vending machine will be housed in other parts of the city, including the Chathiram bus stop and the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple, officials said.
Citizen groups say a worker should be assigned every day to maintain the vending machine.
At night, the machine may be switched-
To be safe.
The vending machine can store up to 400 plastic bottles at a time, after which the maintenance personnel will clean up the collected bottles.
The mobile phone can be charged quickly and normally, and every plastic bottle deposited can be used for 10 minutes, co-
Founder of startup company
Three people can charge their mobile phones every time they drop plastic bottles.
Following Salem, Trichi is the second city in the state to obtain a reverse vending machine for recycling plastic bottles.
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