Agonising dental pain and bleeding gums: How ELECTRIC toothbrushes could destroy your teeth

by:HongXing     2020-07-28
A dentist told an electric toothbrush user that the device had holes in her teeth, causing her gums to subside.
Natasha vigil, 40, had a very painful tooth after a hot or cold drink and she went to the dentist.
A year after using the toothbrush, the caregiver was shocked when she saw a major change in the gums.
\"On my lower front teeth, the gums contracted significantly,\" she said.
\"This is also the beginning of sensitivity.
\"Whenever I drink anything very hot or cold, my eyes will be water.
\"After initially thinking she had a cavity or an abscess, go to the dentist and find out that she had worn out the protective layer of the enamel, exposing the sensitive roots.
Natasha found a customer using a toothbrush three years ago and bought it.
She continued: \"I was looking after a lady with cerebral palsy at the time and used to watch her clean her teeth and look great.
\"The plastic toothbrush seems to have completely cleaned her teeth with any effort.
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Brush your teeth, scrub hard or brush your teeth more than twice.
Natasha, however, is not the only brewer to pay a high price for the filling.
Dr Beeta Salek-
Haddadi, cosmetic dentist for Smile Solutions in London, said: \"I see more and more patients with wear cavity and gum problems after using these powerful electronic devices incorrectly.
\"People brush too hard and too fast, and it can cause harm.
A study published in the journal of clinical periodontal Sciences suggests that electric toothbrushes may permanently damage the enamel and gums of the teeth, as most people do not know how much pressure is applied.
Martha Davis, 24, was startled by the blood and meat filling in her mouth while brushing her teeth.
She commented: \"I am brushing my teeth and often spit the bloody water into the sink.
\"In the end, her filling fell off one by one in the same week.
Martha now believes that it is clear that there is a connection between the brush and the damage in the mouth, because after she changed to a manual brush, the problem stopped.
She continued: \"The bleeding has stopped and my teeth are no longer hurting.
\"The plastic toothbrush is obviously too powerful for me and I won\'t go back.
According to dental hygiene expert Edith Maurer Bussink, the most common problem is that people buy brushes with medium or hard bristles and then scrub them with a lot of pressure.
Surprisingly, when there is a large amount of acid in the mouth, another reason for erosion is to brush your teeth directly after eating, as it increases erosion.
But if you stick to an plastic toothbrush, the expert recommends that you use an ultrasonic toothbrush, which will shake and color your teeth, and it will beep when you overuse the toothbrush
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