a fashion education; make the grade with an edgy new fall wardrobe.

by:HongXing     2020-06-22
Barbara De Witt fashion editor lunch
The box brigade is actually moving the lunch box again. Honest, Mom.
But this is as nostalgic as before. to-
School fashion is starting to pop this year, so don\'t have hope for a plaid dress or a hidden dress
In your young shirt (
Unless you want to go to a private school with all the school uniforms).
Finished reading. Over. So old school.
From the traditional backto-
School fashion, kids want it now-and finding -
Clothes on the edge.
You know, clothes that break barriers between children and adults.
This is the new school.
Think about musicians, movie stars, athletes and self
Bohemian style of NoHo or Silver Lake, you have the back-to-school picture.
Nordstrom\'s fashion director, Rau, said in June, \"The kids are more exposed than we are, and they want the same look as their role models, from lanyard pants to embroidered farmer tops to purple booties.
All these fashion interests may mean spending more money in the mall (
On the Internet)
But the good news, she said, is that the children finally learned how to build a wardrobe with a separate outfit.
She was surprised at how well they understood the eclectic mix we saw in adult fashion.
While the little girl still has some female options with pastel colors, floral and butterfly patterns and fake fur or feather decorations, this is not a \"clue\" replay of primary school.
Most of the new styles put comfort and practicality at the top of the class.
The hoodie is easy to clean, mix and match (
Sweater, coat or vest with hood and zipper), baseball-
Inspired shirt, the color of the sleeve is different from the main body of the shirt, practical pants and jackets, racing stripes on both sides, Rugby
Inspired shirts and sweaters and plenty of denim.
Whether it\'s dark or light, black or blue, denim outfits are everywhere, with a choice of tapered legs, flare-up or deep cuffs in overalls, maxi skirts, jackets and jeans. At the middle-
At the school level, fashion is really heating up, and designers and retailers are eager to please these picky shoppers (ages 10 to 13)
They are too old for children\'s clothing and not mature enough for junior boutiques.
In a new series catering to the crowd, the Rocket Girl was designed by owner Jamie Delaney when it was difficult for her teenage daughter to find clothes.
According to company spokesman Laura Altman, the series is not only a dress but also a concept.
\"For girls who grew up wearing Hello Kitty and Barbie logo, this is the next step, they are represented by five quirky characters,\" Altman said . \".
For example, the universe Lulu is a real girl and Lea Astro is bohemian. . .
So there are people and things between everyone (
Between girls and teenagers)
To identify.
Highlights in the collection include long skating Betty (A-line)
A skirt that provides enough space for the girls to move, with sparkling twin suits, a zip hoodie and a baby T-shirt on top.
For skateboarding girls, there are microfibre pocket pants with a removable bag on the Belt and patched jeans on the knee.
So far, Rocket Girls have a tattoo in a small local store, including the RORO tattoo in Encino, but it focuses on the tattoo in Bloomingdale.
According to Bonnie Browley, blumingdale\'s national media director, the store will launch a new Tween division in September.
At the same time, Nike is attracting teenagers, especially boys, with the retro post-80 series.
In the nearest NikeTown back-to-
Beverly Hills\'s school fashion show is Nike\'s original sneaker from the \"post-80 s\" with the \"swoosh\" logo, as well as Air Max and Michael Jordan designs. NikeTown L. A.
\"Comfort is still the rule, especially for men, but that doesn\'t mean they don\'t pay attention to the details,\" said spokesman Julie Leasure.
In addition to vintage shoes, teenagers are looking for brighter colors (
The hottest thing is orange.
This is an imitation of European trends and they want cargowear with lots of zippers, snaps and pockets to store all their stuff --
From sandwiches to cell phones.
The retro sports theme of Mervyn is also very popular.
Company spokesman Chris Daniel said: \"Fashion is still inspired by the street style and the look of the sport. . .
Including paper
Practical labels and reinforcement patches for extreme sports details such as knee and back, thin sportswear and windbreaker.
Daniel added that the oversized and soft seems to be an important standard for big boys, sweaters --
Vest, Henry shirt and rib knit fabric with stripes or shades.
High school girls still wear sweaters-
But none of those fluffy feathers
Cutting design last year.
They may use metal lunch buckets as wallets.
During the fall semester, it was more of a small shrug sweater suit in cargo pants, as well as a thin sweater on tight pants and skirts.
To make it simple, some Elementary
L and other department manufacturersA. -
According to the sugar to the trousers cut by the girl who already has an attached Carpenter apron.
Sugar\'s designer, Dana Dartez, said she was inspired by music, movies and high fashion, just like teenagers who bought her clothes.
The result is a worn denim maxi skirt with embroidered peasant shirt.
Vintage style, worn fabric-
At least these new ones
They will still look new when the school looks worn out.
What is the school record hot, not new?
Look at our backs. to-
School Bulletin Board: because you are not a fan of the Internet, it feels strange to have a crazy life in a shopping center?
Hey, don\'t worry.
According to a national survey in Santa Monica
Headquartered in Macerich Co.
Full view City, 84 panoramic shopping center.
Of the 3% students surveyed nationwide, 3,600 still prefer shopping centers rather than the Internet.
40% of people say they don\'t like shopping online because they can\'t try on clothes. Bottom line?
The conclusion of this study is that the average backto-
Students will spend $234.
In his or her closet.
Zipper technicians have been around for many years (
-Don\'t take Trekies)
But now they have a symbol of their identity.
This is a tech vest, zipper.
Front fleece vest, waist pull rope launched by Old Navy store
Candy colors for babies, children and adults, such as pink, purple and orange.
The price is $12. 50 and up.
Yes, you can take it with you to eat corn or listen to pop music, either way you can decorate it in one color.
Emerson Radio launched 600-
The blue, green or purple-red watt microwave is designed for the dormitory at a price of $89. 99.
Its new pdsfp 9 Portable CD stereo/cassette recorder also features electric blue or metal Green with hidden features
Stay away from the handle so you can take it to the pyjamas party and sock jump (
Ask your grandma)It costs $69. 99.
Look for them in electrical and electronic stores.
For more information, please call (800)898-9020.
The new interactive teen magazine MXG offers gorgeous packaging and Stussy Yak Paks is a new generation of backpacks with Velcro closed pockets for mobile phones and pagers.
Yak Paks is $58 on www. MXGonline. com.
Order by phone, dial (888)669-7883.
Nike\'s new flip cover is also designed to save your phone and other things.
At the NikeTown store, messenger shoulder even has a special water bottle net pocket for $55.
Just when you think the metal lunch box is an antique, the metal lunch box will rule your tuna sandwich again and dingos is back.
They\'re next to Van Nuys.
Headquartered at GWhiz, features \"Lost in Space\", \"Green Bumblebee\" and other TV themes.
Look for them in repair hardware for $14, FAO Schwartz, Wet Seal and Contempo stores. 95, or $24.
The larger dome is 99. lid boxes.
The way to go, does the girl have a big distance from the school?
Instead of pressing yourself with a handbag or backpack, pack your textbook in Sanrio\'s new wheel locker.
They are designed to be carried with you.
Luggage with pop
Up handle provided by Sanrio store (
Topanga square and Fashion Square, North Ridge Fashion Center)for $42.
At the same time, your parents are scared by the mechanism of Bic.
But you, you cool baby, need more things to pass the English class.
A little annoying but the way
New C-fashion
The pen from the master of the trend, which speaks, tells the time, gives the date, and also gives an alarm so that you don\'t miss the break between classes.
There are three styles, $19. 99 in Wal-Mart
Stores in Mart and Kmart.
Clothes for a reason from SundayJ.
The Maxx store is launching an exclusive series called Save the Children.
Yes, colorful clothes can save your child from a fashion disaster, but more importantly, the benefits will benefit 80 children\'s programs across the country.
It\'s such a girly American girl who makes those cute dolls with fancy costumes and now has real girls and teen costumes.
To view the new American Girl series, please call (800)845-
0005 for a large catalogue full of college jackets and utilities --
Stylish style, or login to www. americangirl. com. P. S.
: Purple hoodie (style 2004)
Will make you a hot girl on campus. It\'s $34.
So fast you have goods and carpenter pants but nothing to hang on those nice rings?
The original Swiss Army watch not only allows you to attend classes on time, but also has a novel style.
This is a newly packed watch with an oversized dial on the water
Wear-resistant leather and nylon mesh strap connected to trousers or backpacks.
In a major department store or by telephone (800)442-2706.
By the way, cheaper versions can be found in stores such as Target and Kmart. -
Barbara De Witt
Sports stripe zipper (
Functional and decorative)Hoodies (
Sweater, vest, coat)
Bohemian style (
Shirt, beads and stripes for farmers)
Sweater (pants)
Cardigan and funnel neck)Denim (
Dark, handcuffed and/or decorated)
Skirt color-lanyard waist
Practical backpack and sling pack Old blocked baseball shirt
Old metal lunch box description (S)
: 10 photos, 2 boxes of photos (1 --color --cover)
The 8-year-old, dressed in batik, is a bohemian baby.
Pring peasant shirt for Un Deux Trois, $18;
Paris Blues pedal pusher for $32;
Slide with a yellow box for $17. 95;
Nordstrom Hotel is located in Topanga square, Canoga Park.
All the fashions filmed at Koga Park Elementary School. (2 --color)
Booked back to school in a stylish way is fourth place Rebecca Laschi
Grade students at Justice Street Primary School in Xishan, left;
Lauren Keating, sixth.
Grade students at Mount woodlands Hale Middle School.
Rebecca is wearing a floral baseball.
Fang\'s inspired shirt, $26;
$28 pine peak jeans; and zip-
Cloe\'s front boots, $49. 95.
Lauren is wearing a shrug sweater designed by Scramble Girl for $24;
Nine-point pants of Un Deux Trois, $30;
And $55 Roxy Moonwalk shoes. 95;
All from Nordstrom. (3 --color)
Lauren Keating visited a classroom at Canoga Park Primary School
Pocket Skirt in Union Bay, $36;
The shirts of Fanny and Anne, $22; from Nordstrom. (4 --color)
Tried out for Lucky jeans and T-shirts is Rebecca Lasky, left, and his friend Billy Keating, a first-year student at Westwood Lake Elementary School.
The shirt is between $18 and $22;
Jeans from Nordstrom cost $32 to $64. (5 --color)
Michael Johnson, third.
Grade students at Emek Hebrew College in Sherman Oaks wear Tommy hilfigg ensemble (
Plaid Shirt, $38; jeans, $38);
Third, Kelly McGowan. grader at St.
Benadin Primary School in Woodlands Hills is wearing a Union Bay hoodie for $34, designed by United Nations Tex trova for $30.
Her shiny sneakers are Skechers for $39. 95;
All from Nordstrom. (6 --10 --color)no caption (fashion photos)
Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer1)School notes (see text)(2)Must-haves (see text)
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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