will you take a pledge to stop using single-use plastic bottles?

by:HongXing     2020-05-03
So far, we all know
Plastic is not good.
But looking at how many produce are in these things-whether it\'s fruit, potato chips or drinks-trying to reduce them seems like a daunting task.
Good place to start is single
Use plastic bottles-if we all stop buying bottled mineral water at lunch and instead fill reusable water bottles with filtered water from tap water or cooler, we will make progress on this issue.
Even though we will do this, it\'s all good, many of us are doing well in terms of delays (*waves*)
In order to make things go smoothly, a little excitement is needed.
To help us, reusable water bottle company s well launched the million bottle project, a sustainable project that actively encourages people to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
2020, S well is designed to help replace 100 million plastic bottles into landfill sites, waterways and other undesirable places.
They need our help.
Individuals use an average of 167 plastic water bottles per year, less than the third person to find a recycling plant.
If you live in a city in the UK, it\'s easy to turn a blind eye to the damage our singles have suffered
The habit of using the bottle is caused, but traveling to destinations like Thailand or Bali that seem to be paradise, there is no way to ignore it.
A few years ago, during my picturesque trek, I turned to the \"secret\" beach on the southern coast of Sri Lanka and found a huge pile of plastic bottles.
There is no way to save them all-no doubt they are in the sea now.
On a trip a few years ago, I was warned by a friend that \"The beach is not like instagram\" and she was right-they are littered with plastic and other debris and not many beaches are clean-
Ups has a dent.
Locals in countries like the ones mentioned above usually have no education and do not know what harm they have done to their own paradise, but we do.
So we need to do our part.
Experts warn that we need to act quickly if we do not act now.
If you\'re not a water baby and it doesn\'t bother you, think about the fish on your plate.
The sea creatures think it\'s food, but they consume plastic.
They are then farmed and eventually eaten by humans who unknowingly eat their own garbage. Grim.
Reduce your single consumption with the promise of s well
Use plastic bottles.
Help at every point.
You can start with a super cute self.
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