Why your dryer is overdue for an upgrade

by:HongXing     2020-08-26
You might think that the biggest source of energy at home is the refrigerator, the dishwasher, and even the huge flat-screen TV.
But what lurks in the laundry room is the real enemy: a hairdryer.
It consumes more energy and cash than the rest add up.
Unlike other appliances that have always been the target of energy efficiency activities, your flatbed dryer is left behind.
This will change. As of Jan.
2015 New North American standards approved by energy star are in effect.
The dryer with this label will consume about 20 less energy than the minimum standard requirements.
S. scientist Noah Horowitz said: \"We expect several manufacturers to step up efforts this year to introduce new and improved models to the North American market . \"S. -
Defense counsel for natural resources.
\"While the energy efficiency of all major appliances has improved significantly over the past decade, the energy consumption of clothes dryers has changed very little.
According to Toronto Hydro, a dryer that runs 20 hours a month will cost about $13. 50.
Refrigerators are used for a month, costing an average of $10, or 26 cents less. The TV?
It costs less than $3 a month, 82 cents cheaper than the dryer.
American scientist Noah Horowitz said: \"The electric dryer uses more energy than the new combination of efficient refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines . \"S. -
Defense counsel for natural resources.
\"Related: Canada regulates 16 ways of cutting water and electricity resources for household appliances performance standards, and the rules for clothes dryers have never changed since 1995.
This is because \"the efficiency of the technology has not changed significantly until recent years,\" a spokeswoman for the agency said in an email.
All electric dryers sold in Canada come with the EnerGuide label, showing the average energy consumption of the model at kWh (kWh)per year.
The less quantity, the higher the energy efficiency of electrical appliances.
But none of them are energy stars.
What that would mean when the name comes: Europeans are far ahead of us in terms of energy efficiency, he said, because their electricity prices are probably two to three times that here.
Related: Surge in power waste caused by personal technology equipment Whirlpool duo dryer is the first dryer in Canada to meet the requirements of energy star.
There are retailers such as Home Depot and Costco. The U. S.
The Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for the Energy Star program in the United States, expects that the initial cost of the dryer that meets the requirements will reach more than $800.
However, an EPA spokesperson said in an email that consumers can expect to save about $217 in electricity over the life of the dryer.
Natural Resources Canada estimates that about 10 million clothes dryers in Canada are powered by electricity.
The agency said on its website that other gas-driven energy sources can save consumers in areas where electricity is more expensive than natural gas.
Gas dryers tend to be more expensive than electric dryers, but the cost of running them is lower, partly because they are slightly more energy efficient and partly because of the cost of natural gas.
Related information: home energy monitor can help you save money on your water and electricity bill. The best way to reduce the cost of the clothes dryer is to skip it completely.
Choose an outdoor clothesline or clothes rack to save ironing and drying time and reduce wrinkles.
Source: Department of Natural Resources Canada, Department of Energy Ontario and United States of AmericaS.
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